On your marks, get set, but don't go-go-go, not until you read this thrilling adventure brought to you by Dan Abnett, Lee Weeks, and of course, DC Comics. So come on, Titan fans, slip on those sweatpants and let us have a nice leisurely jog with issue seven. Bang!

TO QUOTE Anais Nin: 'Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country'.

Every now and then I read a really great comic book that I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy. Titans #7 was just such a comic book, as the basic premise was fairly nonexistent to say the least, bordering on the sparse, yet it still managed to tell a story that was both personal and intriguing on a number of different levels. One part of the plot was dedicated to an impromptu date between Roy Harper and Donna Troy (funny).  Another section involved Wally West talking to Superman about their shared history together (intriguing)  And in yet another strand of the issue, we get to see how the rest of the Titans were able to set-up their new base of operations in New York City (smart).

Now I must admit, at face value all of this does seem like a jumbled mess where one whole coherent story is concerned. But that said, within each section there are some marvelous surprises and revelations to be told. So without giving too much away, here are some of the questions it raises and answers...

  • Who does Donna Troy think she is?
  • Why has Superman shown up and what does he say to Wally about his return?
  • And how do you construct a building in New York within a couple of months, who's funding it, plus why are the Titans setting up shop here in the first place? 

Trust me, when you get to see the answers to these questions your mind will go 'Wow!'. All of which manages to save this series from the sins seen throughout the last story arc.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, I wasn't too keen on how this adventure kicked off. Basically, the book begins in a fairly pedestrian manner, with Donna, Roy, and Wally, fighting against a z-list villain in the middle of New York City. Now it isn't fully explained as to why this fight began or if it will lead to anything else. Although all we do know is that heroes get slapped, villain's get vanquished, and property damage is kept to a minimum. That is, right up until the moment Superman turns up to lead this issue elsewhere, elsewhere being those other sections of the story I previously mentioned.

Something else I'd like to mention about this issue would have to be the awesome artwork provided by Lee Weeks. Even though stylistically he isn't anything like the regular series artist, Brett Booth (thanks for the retweets, mate), at the same time I did enjoy his grittier depiction of each hero, as he still managed to show them in a different light while staying true to Brett's initial vision -- fun, light, and full of character.   

So all in all I would just like to say that I did enjoy this issue of the Titans. The story was revealing, the art was nice and alternate, and as for everything else, well, it's looking good, real good, wink-wink!

This month's musical match up would have to be between the Beatles song, 'Hello Goodbye', as well as the conversation Superman had with Wally. For further information, please check this out...

Following on from my musical match-up, and I'd like to compare this month's adventure to an engagement. On one level it could be the start of something special, whereas on another level, we have to keep track of our own pasts if we want to move forward.
Nearing the very end of this issue, we see Mal and his wife Karen going to a specialist meta-human clinic, in order for her to be able to control her powers. But the thing is, this clinic is run by a very unusual character, and it would be nice if you could guess who it is out of the following eight options? I mean, could it be...

  • Psimon: also known as Doctor Simon Jones.
  • Kim Kardashian: also known as that pretty lady with the big ass. 
  • Lex Luthor: also known as that bald man with the devilish smile.
  • Katy Perry: also known as that cute lady with the big... errr... personality. 
  • The Riddler: also known as Edward Nigma, Mister E, or that tosser with the stick.
  • Donald Trump: also known as that man who did that thing with that thing.
  • Deathstroke: also known as that mass murdering mercenary who hates kittens. 
  • Kendall Jenner: also known as that unabashed lady who... who... uhh... actually, I'm not quite sure what she does? Is she a photographer?
Nuff said.

TITANS #7 TITANS #7 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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