Unsung Heroes Hi, my name is Oluwakayode Dagbo, and even though I'm no thespian, I sure am a big fan of martial arts and comic books. I always wanted to try to act, particularly in action-packed roles, so when the opportunity came along to work on Unsung Heroes, of course, I jumped at the chance, quite literally.

I was asked to star in the series by a fellow martial arts enthusiast and good friend, Devin Peacock, who produced it, while getting me to come on board due to my martial arts knowledge, plus whatever acting ability and creativity I may have at my disposal. Over the years I've studied such disciplines as Go Ju Ryu, Wing Chun, and Capoeira, and have even made videos on my social media accounts showing off some of the skills I've gained.

Working with the whole cast and crew was rather educational and quite fun, as first hand I experienced what actors in front of the camera have to go through within a professional environment. Through this, I've come to the realization that the process of creating a film is both technical and artistic, and requires a level of dedication which warrants much of my respect.

Unsung Heroes
During the making of episode seven, Devin was quite patient with my ignorance of the cinematic process, as I had to be more of an actor, than, you know, that 'action guy'. How I rendered my character became a bit more important than usual, plus I also had to speak, and figure out how I had to deliver my lines.

Justin Salzman was brought back to reprise his role from previous episodes and my character, Mountain Shadow, will end up teaming up with him. He's stronger and more powerful in this episode, and his dialogue was so funny in it I had to do my best to maintain my composure. Working with Justin was just awesome, as I got to witness the impressive way in which he was able to transform into his character. In the future I hope to reprise my role as Mountain Shadow, and hopefully, touch wood, get more dialogue and get involved in more fighting scenes, preferably in much warmer weather. Here, check out episode seven and tell me what you think of our performance.

The discipline and attention to detail is a mark of passionate and focused people, so working on this project has put me in the company of some great and talented folk. Devin has really found his calling and I hope to keep working with him and the Unsung Heroes crew more in the future! This is Oluwakayode Dagbo, over and out. 

UNSUNG HEROES - EPISODE SEVEN: REVENGE UNSUNG HEROES - EPISODE SEVEN: REVENGE Reviewed by David Andrews on February 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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