Pac Man It’s one of those things that we’ll often hear: Somebody complaining about the current gaming scene, complaining how lame it is and why they miss a so-called ‘golden age’ of gaming, where we didn’t have to spend money on in-app purchases or wait days for the latest next-gen console game to download. So now it seems like a good time to have a look back and see whether this golden age of gaming really existed!

The Early Golden Age of 1979

Some people seem to think that it was when arcade machines were introduced that gaming was most exciting. With the introduction of vector display technology, circa 1979, there was a global craze of people playing games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man that still have the capacity to fascinate many of us in the present day.

Unfortunately such momentum couldn’t last, and didn't, especially when something called the Great Videogame Crash came along, roughly around 1983, which signaled the arrival of home computing.

Indirectly this made the general public confused by a range of poor quality titles and a bewildering array of gaming platforms.

The Fruitful Middle Period of 1991

But thankfully things picked up pretty quickly when the Japanese gaming titans, Nintendo and Sega, got on the scene with their ultra user-friendly consoles that are still the source of much debate in 2017.

These consoles offered innovative gaming controllers, colourful graphics, and fun characters like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. But whilst consoles like the Sony PlayStation Pro and the forthcoming Xbox Scorpio continue to the trend for high quality gaming, it seems that casual gamers are seeking their thrills elsewhere.

Mobile Gaming Revolution of Today

In the past few years it’s become apparent that we’re using smartphones as our gaming platform of choice. Whether it’s running around our towns with Pokémon Go, or checking out the retro fun at New Jersey Online Casinos, where we could be playing any video poker game, it’s clear that mobile gaming has really opened up the sheer scope of video games.

Mobile Games
This is probably due to the fact that mobile gaming thrives on independent developers who are able to access huge global markets with a homegrown game that doesn’t need the huge marketing budget of just a decade ago.

So that whether it’s an iconic world-builder like Minecraft, or even an online gaming revamp of poker, it could be that we’re already in the midst of a third ‘golden-age’ of gaming.

Gaming Infographic

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