Scottish Batman Over the years Hollywood have sometimes failed to cast ethnically appropriate actor's to star in their superhero movies. A good example of this can be seen in Christian Bale's version of Batman. For one thing, Christian hails from Wales whilst Batman is obviously from America. Although, come to think of it, with a Gaelic name like Bruce Wayne, I'm sure his ancestry is blatantly steeped within Scottish lore, especially since it translates into meaning, 'Son of a Bruce'.

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Other people I could also mention include Margot Robbie: an Australian actress who played a Brooklyn sounding Harley Quinn; Henry Cavill: An actor from Jersey, which is an island off of the coast of the UK, who played Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, brought up in Kansas, Smallville; Hugh Jackman: who's another Australian actor that played the Canadian born mutant, Wolverine; Sir Ian McKellen: A classically trained English actor who played the Germanic villain, Magneto; Will Smith: who's a very funny African-American actor / comedian that played an acerbic, albeit originally Clint Eastwood styled hit-man, Deadshot, and so on, and so forth, etc-etc-etc.

Funny Wolverine
Now please keep in mind that I do mean this with all due respect. As each and every one of these great actors have managed to do the best with the roles they received, and trust me; I'm in no position to judge their abilities or their career choices. It's just that the way I see it, why not cast a Canadian to play a Canadian, or an American to play an American? Either way, I bet you anything that there are plenty of decent actors out there who'd be able to play these parts with a modicum of racial truth. What's more, with ethnically appropriate actors playing superheroes from the same country, I'm sure they could also add a layer of authenticity to the mix -- like Michael Caine's version of Alfred, for instance, or even Patrick Stewart's re-interpretation of Professor X!

I mean, if you click on a casino online and place a bet, more often than not you're betting on something that you think makes sense. So be it a lucky number, a special pack of playing cards, or, dare I say it, a greyhound with a familial name, one way or another doesn't it sound logical to pick an actor who lives in the same region as the character they are playing? Doesn't it at least have a certain amount of common sense behind it?

Aquaman and Wonder Woman
Over a year ago DC Comics decided to cast two actors to play two members of the Justice League. One of them was Gail Gadot, who will be playing Wonder Woman, whilst the other one was Jason Momoa, who will be playing Aquaman. But in this case we have two actors, one Israeli, the other Hawaiian, playing two characters that have deep roots connected to Greece and their surrounding islands. Now if it wasn't bad enough that no Greek actors were cast in Zack Snyder's 2007 film, 300, which is a Greek tragedy based on the graphic novel created by Frank Miller, to do the same thing again to the people of Greece seems equally as disrespectful. 

Once again I don't want to come off seeming like a racist twat who doesn't like the role of diversity in the movie industry. If anything, I'm all for diversity! It's just that I don't want to marginalize this to one or more pre-selected ethnic groups, all for the sake of sounding trendy or being hip. As of late the people of Greece haven't been shown in the best possible light, so I think it would be a good thing for there to be a hero or a show that will be able to turn this negativity around. In fact, you can say this about all ethnicity's, large or small, popular or marginal, and not just those who have a political agenda or money in the movie industry. Let Batman be American and let Wonder Woman be Greek, but just make sure that a hero can be a hero who is able to represent their community in a positive and non-trending light. I'm not being a nationalist here, I'm actually being a humanist, and respectful to the comic book origins of each character, hero or otherwise. 

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