Rain Man Gambling movies are a special breed of film which have enjoyed tremendous success since the first titles were produced. On the one hand, moviegoers know exactly what to expect from these films, whereas on the other, the script always manages to surprise the audience come what may. The plot can also be rather straightforward even if they can be rather repetitive and formulaic at the same time. However, what makes them special are the small tweaks and twists, not to mention the stellar acting of those Hollywood superstars.

Memorable Scenes from the Best Gambling Movies

Watching gambling movies is to some extent an acquired taste, as the genre grows on you and keeps you hungry for more. It goes without saying that famous actors, such as Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon, as well as many other Oscar winners, had a significant contribution to its popularity. Gambling scenes make for compelling viewing and the audience usually remembers these moments even when they don’t necessarily remember the entire plot.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
The Casino Royale scene featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond is widely regarded as an important catalyst for the success of online poker. Many 007 fans were so impressed by the epic confrontation with Le Chiffre that they decided to check out the game themselves. Those who were already playing, got an incentive to persevere, hoping to experience the thrills of such high-stakes games themselves one day. The intensity of these scenes is what makes them memorable and fondly remembered by the viewers, regardless of their gambling experience.

A Swift Transition from the Big Screen to Television

Some of the Hollywood celebrities that starred in gambling movies went a step further to promote the games on television. Geoff Bell, for example, is a well-known British actor who featured in many Hollywood blockbusters. Known for his uncanny ability of portraying tough guys, he was the obvious choice for PlayOJO casino and their new TV ad. The casino promises to meet customers halfway and their new advertisement captures the very essence of their drive.

Geoff Bell
Geoff Bell makes a short but powerful appearance and during those 30 seconds he does an excellent job at bringing their core concepts into the spotlight. The tough guy he portrays is not happy with the friendly approach the casino has towards its customers. The idea of giving free stuff to players (win or lose) doesn’t appeal to the character he plays in this short and amusing TV ad. Even those who are not familiar with his work in Hollywood and haven’t seen his movies are guaranteed to be impressed by this performance. Here, check this out...

The Impact of Great Actors on Gambling Movies

The adrenaline rush enjoyed when watching a gambling movie is a good reason for people to choose these films. That said, however, at the same time a stellar cast is more than likely to greatly increase the audience, by attracting people who don’t necessarily watch the genre. Brad Pitt playing Rusty Ryan in the Oceans series is a shining example of how a Hollywood superstar can virtually ensure the success of a movie. Truth be told, this movie has less to do with actual gambling than some other films in this genre, plus it has famous actors starring in pretty much every role.

Brad Pitt playing Rusty Ryan in the Oceans series
Sometimes actors benefit just as much from the opportunity of starring in a great gambling movie. A very young Matt Damon in Rounders is still fondly remembered by moviegoers, although he featured in even better movies since then. For Damon, that film was a springboard to celebrity and confirmed his ability of bringing to life even the most difficult characters. Just like Casino Royale, Rounders was a boon for the poker industry, mainly by raising awareness of the game.

Those who have played casino games long enough to know that they are always portrayed in a more glamorous light by Hollywood. They can provide a strong incentive to check the games out, but even those who choose to stick exclusively to watching gambling movies will thoroughly enjoy the experience.


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