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Picture this: You have the No. 1 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in mint condition inside your home. This is one of the most coveted comics in history alongside Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27. It's the Honus Wagner of comic books to some, and there's a lot of people who would love to sneak right into your home if they know a $36,000 comic book was inside.

Great comic book collections have sentimental value to their owners, but they also have monetary value. What does it take to stop these comic con men? Here's what your home may need to protect such a valuable collection.

Security Cameras"The Sticker"

The best defense is a good offense, and the best offense for your home is a great deterrent. Ever notice those home security stickers in the front window? Well, how do you really know they have a home security system? You don't, and that's the point. Most people aren't willing to call your bluff and a sticker might be all it takes to prevent a home burglary.

Security Cameras

If a seedy character does call that bluff, you better see him or her coming. Security cameras, once a very expensive investment uncommon in the home, are now easy and affordable thanks to do-it-yourself installation and wi-fi connectivity. These cameras connect to a DVR or NVR to record recent footage (in up to 4K) and can be accessed at any time with your smartphone. At the very least, it's a great way to ensure the UPS man isn't giving your packages the Hail Mary.

Security Locks

The best lock to stop a master lock picker in his tracks is one with no keyhole. This one is common with apartments but you can install them in your home too. A safety lock is a deadbolt that latches from the inside only. So even if your intruder had the key, there's no way to walk through that front door unless you actually turn the latch on the other side.

Armor Door
Armor Door

Okay, the burglar is in the house and now things are getting serious. It's time to double down on protecting the room by safekeeping your comics with an armor door. This is essentially a $500 slab of galvanized steel that is going nowhere with blunt force. They're even rated against fires so this is the next best thing to a panic room. But don't worry, you can paint them to look more like home and less like a maximum security prison.

Gun Safe

He's in the room! How did he get past that armor door? No worries, there is one last line of defense that is so impenetrable it's often the topic of action movies. The final measure to keep your comic book collection secure is a good safe, but not just any safe. Those safes you see in movies -- the ones that look like bricks -- can actually store moisture and damage your mint collection over time. And what's the point of protecting comics from burglars if they'll only be destroyed by water? A gun safe, however, is allowed to secure and ventilate since gun metal can rust. That magician of an intruder won't get his dirty paws on Spider-Man!


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