Doctor Who Art There once was a man from Spain, who had a pain that wouldn't refrain. But then, one day, to his dismay, his pain turned him into Citizen Kane. Or in other words, please check out the following interview I did with an artist from Spain. His name is Angel Saquero Sainz, and boy-oh-boy, he sure knows how to draw.

Logo - 120 x 90

1) Where are you based?   I was born and spent most of my early years in Cádiz, a city with 3000 years of history situated in the south of Spain. Currently I live in Jerez, to the north of Cádiz, which is the home of splendid horses and fine wine

2) What inspired you to draw?   My inspiration comes from my love of people. I mean, if I create a design based on some famous movie, comic book, or whatever, I usually try to transmit something special into the final piece. It's not just a drawing, but a great piece of art with some details that only a true fan can appreciate. And, to be honest, it’s my family who makes this easy for me. They are really supportive and their love is essential to the rise of my creativity. 

3) Who is your favorite artist?   Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, and Edmund Blair Leighton

Wonderlands Art
4) What is your favorite subject to illustrate?   I generally like drawing things that fall under the category of pop art. Everything that made my childhood totally happy comes to mind,  like comic books, movies, etc, plus I'm also keen on Doctor Who, Star Wars, Superheroes, Ghibli, and most of the visuals Tim Burton produces. Although, in terms of drawing as a process in itself, I really like to study anatomy and hate drawing cars

5) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your work, who would it be?   Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Robert Downey Jr., David Tennant, and I guess Beyonce would be fine too!

6) Besides submitting your work to Design By Humans, what else do you do?   My daily life is split into three activities. My work as a Systems Analyst for a Naval Company, my work as an illustrator, and of course, the best one of all, my labor as a family man

7) Out of your designs, which one do you think is the most popular?   Probably three of them: “Wonderlands”, “Don’t Blink”, and “Le Petit Jedi”.

8) Why do you think this is so?  I think it’s because all three of them mix concepts that could be seen as very different, but, after a while, come across as a perfect match. 'Wonderlands' reflects the similarities between 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Spirited Away'. 'Le Petit Jedi' reminds the people from that generation about the things that spilled out of the eighties. Whereas the 'Don’t Blink' design did well because that (awesome) Doctor Who episode could have perfectly been made into a Tim Burton movie.

9) If you had a personal motto, what would it be?   Take risks. Keep learning. Do your best. And never say 'I can’t'.

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And so on that note, I'd like to thank Angel for telling us about his work for Design By Humans. For any more information please click on the links provided or visit his facebook, deviantart, and twitter pages.

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