Do you know what the difference is between chicken supreme and the Supreme Court? The answer is pretty damn obvious, as there's a lot more chicken in the Supreme Court. It's August, 2017, and it's time for Daredevil in review, created by Charles Soule, Alec Morgan, and Marvel Comics.

TO QUOTE Martina Navratilova: 'Whoever said, 'It's not whether you win or lose that counts,' probably lost'.

Last month, Matt Murdock was hoping to win the Slugansky trial as this would allow the superhero community to give evidence in a court of law. Overall this was one part of a much larger plan that would ideally shake up the judicial system while also preventing crime.

But unfortunately for Matt, no, this wasn't meant to be, as his path was being legally blocked by an expertly skilled District Attorney named Mister Legal. He was hired to do this by the mob boss, Wilson Fisk, who also hired the lumbering brute called Tombstone to physically attack Matt before the trial began. Yet as luck would have it, She-Hulk was nearby so she could protect Matt from Tombstones assault. 

But that was last month: otherwise known as part 3 of Supreme. This month, on the other hand, who will defend him when Tombstone comes back for round two? After all, Matt still wants to pursue this case, right up to the Supreme Court if need be, but he can only do so if he can gets some additional help from his old friend, Foggy Nelson

Question is, will Foggy want to help Matt after all this time apart? And even if he did, again, will Matt be able to evade Tombstone's wrath? And that, dear reader; is the basic plot that revolves around issue 24 of Daredevil. A plot, I hasten to add, that was both good and bad in fairly uneven measures.

Now a good way of illustrating this point can easily be seen within the artwork provided by Alec Morgan. On a positive note his layouts were simple to follow and his characters did express emotion and poise. While, on a negative note, at times his artwork did feel a little bit too cartoonish on the page, juvenile even, plus I personally felt he wasn't able to ground this type of story into some sort of realistic reality (which is something it surely needed).

Now, talking about the story, and I suppose on some level the same thing can also be said about that! On the whole the basic narrative followed a very similar pattern to what Charles Soule produced last month (i.e. Matt needs to liaise with a colleague despite him being attacked by a known enemy), which tonally made it feel a little bit too repetitive in terms of plot, mainly it's set up as well as the fight between Tombstone and Matt. Yet having said all that, that's not to say that this issue doesn't have any redeeming features! In fact, its main redeeming feature would have to be Foggy Nelson and his discussion with his friend without fear! 

Well, if you're a die hard fan like myself; I'm sure you've been waiting for the day this would finally come around. I personally enjoyed Foggy's introduction as he came across like some sort of downtrodden barfly, out on the town, plus what he said to Matt was also very poignantly told, particularly how he recapped Matt's life while expressing himself in a very open and honest fashion. 

I suppose the only thing he has to do now is to redeem himself, both personally and professionally, while additionally restoring his relationship with his old friend. Fingers crossed, everything will pick up a bit more next month. As for this month, the art was okay, the story had its moments, and more or less it's main saving grace can be found within the details.

I'd like to think that the following song was playing in the background while Matt and Foggy were talking to each other. So, take it away, Clint and Ray, as its now time for you to sing your hit song, 'Beers to You'.

On a purely narrative level this issue felt like the second round of a boxing match. Well, let's face it; what went down last month also went down this month, especially where Tombstone was concerned. So seconds away, Ding-Ding, here comes round two.

Halfway through this adventure it was revealed that Foggy Nelson has a brand new girlfriend. So, for the sake of being nosy, let's see if you can guess who she is out of the following eight candidates? Could it be…

  • Deborah: A one armed bodybuilder who enjoys poetry.
  • Helen: An African-American activist that likes playing video games and assembling furniture.
  • Barbara: A redheaded Irish lady who's only sober one hour every day.
  • Alina: A fairly pretty brunette who doesn't like Foggy's regular watering hole.  
  • Mariah: A 40-year-old singer who is good at miming.
  • Paris: A blonde nymphomaniac who smells of fish.
  • Kim: A reality show wannabe who has a massive ass.
  • Herman: Well, to be honest, no one really knows what Herman is, even Herman, him or her self.
Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #24 DAREDEVIL #24 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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