London Super Comic Con 2017 - Logo This year, London Super Comic Con is proud to announce that they've been able to nab one of the biggest comic book names in the industry. No. Not Stan Lee! As if I remember rightly, I think he already came to the con last year. But instead of Stan, they've managed to get their hands on a great multi award-winning writer who's creativity inspired the development of such superhero related television shows as 'Jessica Jones' and 'Daredevil'. Yes. That's correct. I'm of course talking about the one, the only, Brian Michael Bendis.

As many of us know, Brian is best known for both his creator-owned work as well as being one of Marvel’s top leading writers. In 2000 he worked on the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' title; in 2004 he helped relaunch The Avengers franchise; plus on top of that, he's also written many of Marvel's "event themed" story-lines, such as 'Secret War', 'House of M', 'Secret Invasion', 'Siege', and 'Age of Ultron'.

London Super Comic Con 2017 - Brian Michael Bendis
Along with Brian there will also be a number of other top names at the con. This includes Terry Dodson (Artist on Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman); Tyler Kirkham (The lead artist on Action Comics); Bart Sears (best known for his work on Justice League Europe and X-O Manowar); plus of course, many, many, more big names will be announced shortly. 

In 2017 London's Super Comic Con will be held at the prestigious Business Design Centre situated in the London borough of Islington, and it will run across three whole days in August. It'll commence on the 25th of August and it'll end on the 27th. 

London Super Comic Con 2017 - Logo
Once inside, event goers will be able to get up close and personal with the creators, the celebrities, and the special guests in attendance. Cosplayers are also more than welcome to come along and join in with their fellow performers from around the world, many of which create, develop, and manufacture their own costumes based on the characters they love the most. But then again, if dressing-up isn't your bag, you can always peruse the dedicated artist alley or attend the many panel rooms housed within a purpose build auditorium.

On a side note, you might like to know that Islington's Business Design Centre has excellent transport links and local amenities that include shops and a wide range of restaurants and bars.

What: London Super Comic Con, 2017.
Where: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, Islington, N1 0QH.
When: It begins on Friday the 25th of August, 2017, and it will end on Sunday the 27th of August.
How Much: Ticket prices range from £5 to £70, depending on your age, what you want to see, and how many times you want to see it. Although, that said, on average people pay about £15 to get in.

Now for any more information on London Super Comic Con, 2017, please feel free to visit their website, facebook, and twitter pages. 


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