The Defenders Most fans can't wait for the next chapter in Marvel's never ending tale: what's coming our way? There's no doubt about it, Marvel has been on a hot streak for quite a while, despite the fact that some of their individual shows and movies have not done as well as people initially hoped they would. The important thing is that they have been incredibly successful overall, doing well enough that people can certainly look forward to more success in the future.

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On the whole many people are excited about the latest season of Jessica Jones. Given how long they've had to wait for it, the anticipation could be enough to make the series that much better at this point in time. The tremendous success of the first season has made a lot of people optimistic about what's going to happen with this one, especially since Jessica Jones has been one of the best and most well-regarded of the Marvel series.

Jessica JonesThat said, people still probably prefer Daredevil when it comes to all the television shows produced by Marvel today. It's been so overwhelmingly successful that it helped to make it clear that Marvel television program's were truly commercially viable. Marvel television shows are actually relatively new, at least in the current form. The animated X-Men series of the 1990s is completely different from the sorts of live-action and cinematic shows that people currently watch. 

Funnily enough, you can say exactly the same thing about the Hulk television series made in the 1970s. As a matter a fact, this series is so completely different from all of the others syndicated today, some people don't even think of it as being a Marvel TV show, even though technically it is. Television has progressed a great deal since the days of the original Incredible Hulk, and I would say that Marvel is one of the companies that has helped to create this new era in the first place. 

DaredevilAs opposed to the tremendous popularity bestowed on the Daredevil TV show, Iron Fist, on the other hand, has been less popular in comparison, even though it was still reasonably popular compared with many other shows making the rounds. However, when it comes to a lot of different superhero franchises, popularity is relative, and people have to consider the popularity of these shows compared with many of the others that are out there, right now, even in a society that has a lot of great shows. 

With a little luck I'm sure 2018 will be a great year for Marvel television in general. A lot of great shows are going to be released during that year, and many of us will be excited about all of the different possibilities involved with these shows. People will want to see what's happening with their favorite characters, like The Defenders for instance, which was basically a series that helped to tide people over until they got another great look at the newer series that were going to be introduced. 

Marvel is more or less continuing a lot of its existing properties at present. However, this is still a company that has a great deal to offer at any point in time.


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