Battlestar Galactica With over 10 years experience behind him, Rod Rodollfo is an artist and the CEO and Founder of Alpha Brain Art Studios. He's also a member of The Elite Group of Published Comic Book Artists who provide clean art and efficient storytelling, illustrating his wares on such famous titles that include: Battlestar Galactica, Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Twilight Zone, and Grimm Fairy Tales, among others, working in conjunction with some top quality professionals and independent comic book creators. Recently he has released an anthology of short stories based on his co-created universe, entitled: Ezarieth World Heroes, which is a new universe of characters that cross the genres of adventure, fantasy, swashbuckling, horror, sci-fi, and heroes. 

Born in the south of Brazil, in a city called Lages, Rod moved to Florianópolis at a very young age and learnt English in St Peter's School situated in Canterbury, England. Afterwards he traveled the world and visited Europe, North and South America, and is now planning to visit the East in the near future. Currently he's living in São Paulo with his beloved wife, and is anxiously awaiting for the hardest work of his life: to become a father!

Rod Rodollfo Art
On a side note, Rod is a big time fan of G.I.Joe and Transformers Cartoons

In this series of articles, Rod is going to break down the process of how to create a comic book page: from layouts to the finished page. You can expect pro tips and downloadable tools to help you hone your craftsmanship towards your own artistic journey. Rod created the following 5 page sequence, featuring Batman, and will break them down showing you the secrets of Comics Art Work.

Rod Rodollfo - Page 1
Page One
Rod Rodollfo - Page 2
Page Two

Rod Rodollfo - Page 4
Page Four
Rod Rodollfo - Page 3
Page Three

Rod Rodollfo - Page 5
Page Five
The 11 Lessons on How to Create Your Own Comic Book will be:
  1. Why you should create art even if not professionally.
  2. Materials: Traditional vs Digital (Basic Tools).
  3. The basic 3 elements you need to tame.
  4. Storytelling and Rhythm of a Page: The 2 main grids of a page layout.
  5. 6 basic lessons about anatomy.
  6. The 8 elements of composition your comic page must have.
  7. The best #1 tool to create perspectives really fast!
  8. The Drawing Process - Getting down to business: 3 step by step process.
  9. My First Cover Process: Battlestar Galactica Six.
  10. How to Create a Great Portfolio: 5 essential lessons for every aspiring comic book artist.
  11. The #1 little dirty trick professionals use to create their comics faster and better. 

NEXT: Why you should create art even if you're not a professional.

The very first thing you need to draw a comic page is the right page specs. Yes, that’s right, there IS a right template accepted by publishers and if your page isn’t done in the right specs, well, you’re doing it WRONG! So come on, download the Master Page Template used by Rod on many Published Comic Books by clicking here! And while you're at it, don't forget to follow him on his website, twitter, and facebook pages.


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