Pamela Anderson Poker According to Gad Saad PHd, a professor from Concordia University, it takes a certain kind of personality to want to become a celebrity, and narcissism and grandiosity are an integral part of the mix. But to succeed in doing this you also need drive and competitiveness, so it comes as no surprise that so many celebrities find their way to the poker table and bet vast sums of money. They love the highs of the spotlight, they want to be the best at what they do, and most importantly of them all, they have the money to burn, baby, burn, even though the celebrity ego isn't immune to the fundamental principals of gambling: The house always wins, and sometimes so does the player across the table.

Data gathered by CasinoSites.me.uk, specifically for their Celebrities and Gambling Addiction' fact sheet, ranks the winners, losers, bankruptcies, and scandals for those in the hot seat. Here, take a closer look at the celebrities who gambled and ultimately lost, lost it big time!

Name: David Milch.
What does he do in the business: He's the writer and producer for award winning TV shows like 'NYPD Blue' and 'Deadwood'.
What is his gambling claim to fame: David is the co-owner of race winning thoroughbred horses, such as ‘Gilded Time’, the winner of the 1992 Breeders' Cup Juvenile, as well as another horse named ‘Val Royal’, who was victorious in the 2001 Breeders' Cup Mile.
How much has he lost and why: Despite earning over $100 million during his TV career, in 2016 he was reportedly $17 million in debt due to the amount he's lost at the race track. One possible reason for Milch’s gambling addiction could be attributed to his diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a mental illness that can cause highs of extreme confidence.

Nelly Poker
Name: Nelly.
What does he do in the business: Rapper and musician.
What is his gambling claim to fame: According to his former promoter, ‘Slim’, Nelly loves to gamble at the casino, with his favorite den of choice being Harrah’s, Las Vegas, gambling at the tables until he was eventually ‘stone cold broke’. 
How much has he lost and why: It was reported in 2016 that he owed the IRS $2.4 million and had mostly lost his musical fortune on his addiction, despite fans rallying to his aide via social media.

Name: Allen Iverson.
What does he do in the business: He's a former professional basketball player who played for 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association.
What is his gambling claim to fame: Like his pal Nelly, Allen likes playing the tables at the casino, and he did so while owning a ten thousand square foot mansion located in Atlanta.
How much has he lost and why: Iverson’s reputation for being a heavy gambler took a nose dive when he flushed at least $200 million down the proverbial toilet. Need I say more? No. I don't think so. Today he is forced to play basketball outside the NBA in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ben Affleck Poker
Name: Ben Affleck.
What does he do in the business: He's Batman... allegedly. 
What is his gambling claim to fame: Ben just loves playing blackjack and poker, and in 2004 he even won the California State Poker Championship.
How much has he lost and why: Star Magazine uncovered that he owed NBC Universal Vice Chairman, Ron Meyer, $400,000 during a downtime in his career, after taking part in a secretive gambling ring in Beverley Hills for the Hollywood elite. He also had a stint in gambling rehab in 2001, and was banned from the blackjack table at the Hard Rock in Vegas in 2014 for allegedly counting cards. Fortunately he seems to be currently holding it together.

Name: Charlie Sheen.
What does he do in the business: He's an actor who likes to win.
What is his gambling claim to fame: While earning $1.8 million an episode starring in the hit sit-com, 'Two and a Half Men', Charlie slowly became the poster child for drug induced hypomania when his public ranting was turned in to all kinds of viral classics. Also, he likes to gamble when he's taking drugs, which is a bad combination when visiting a casino.
How much has he lost and why: During a three month period he lost $2.5 million gambling, although that’s not necessarily a lot when you consider how much he was being paid.

Tiger Wood Gambling
Name: Tiger Woods.
What does he do in the business: Something to do with balls and sticks! Oh! Wait a minute! I remember now! He was a golfer, right? And I don't mean that small furry animal who jumps down peoples holes.
What is his gambling claim to fame:
Following his 2009 expos√©, it was revealed that Tiger likes to bet as high as $25,000 on blackjack, per hand, which sparked the MGM Grand to set him a $1 million limit.
How much has he lost and why: Unfortunately MGMs limit never stopped him from loosing an unbelievable $50 million in a 7 year period. According to the Daily Mail, Tiger wasn't very pleased by this.

Name: Pamela Anderson.
What does she do in the business: Ask Charlie Sheen.
What is her gambling claim to fame: She likes playing poker, and like Ben, enters quite a few poker tournaments.
How much has she lost and why: Pamela hit a double whammy when she lost $250,000 to professional poker player, Rick Salomon. But Rick, being the gentleman that he is, said he would wipe her debt clean if she gave him a kiss, which she did, resulting in the two of them eventually getting married.

Celebrities Who Love To Gamble

For more information please check out CasinoSites.me.uk for a host of other fascinating celebrity related gambling facts, including who got thrown out, who got caught in illegal rings, and who hit rock bottom and turned things around.

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