Batman Vs Dinosaur Isn't it amazing how the film industry has inspired many other industries all around the world? I mean, just take a look at the Gaming industry, and you can clearly see how many slot games were inspired by rom-coms, spaghetti westerns, horror films, and of course, sci-fi and superhero adventures. Go ahead and check out the best mobile casinos in the UK for a random idea of how these movie genres inspired those slot games. Most commonly there are many board games and video games that are also available based on some very popular films.

Casino games inspired by famous films are gaining in popularity due to the increasing sophistication of web-based technology. For instance, Plush Casino allows you to play mobile games very effectively using software such as HTML5 and Flash, and there are many virtual slot machines currently available that are based on the most popular films. Here, take a look at the following list to see some of the best.

1) The Ultimate Batman Casino Game

Regular casino players and die-hard Batman fans need no introduction to the films or the games that have been inspired by the well known caped crusader. Heck, one of the most popular forms of Batman game can be seen in a 5-reel slot machine. Batman himself is represented by a wild icon, so when the players spin the wheel, they get to see the other characters falling about all over the screen, mainly represented in symbols of the Bat-mobile, the Joker, and even James Gordon.

2) The World of Jurassic Park

One of the most popular films directed by Steven Spielberg is arguably the most awesome slot machine among online casino games. The game itself has been marvelously developed and it is jam packed with sufficient bonus content, such as flashing dinosaurs, groovy graphics, and daunting music. The game can also be played in Alert mode where you can pick up a lot of free games and multipliers.

3) Psycho

Plush Casino have taken it upon themselves to adapt the Alfred Hitchcock horror classic into a mobile casino game. I mean, can you imagine what Norman Bates would look like in casino form? Well, now you can, as the game takes us on a trip of the infamous Bates Motel, where we can see creepy symbols stabbing us down with massive amounts of money. It has a base game jackpot of 2500X per line bet, and it also gives free spins to the players when it's not scaring us half to death.

4) Bridesmaids

If you've watched this 2011 hit comedy, then you must know that it's about Annie and her fellow bridesmaids preparing for their mutual friend’s wedding. Recently the movie has been made into a slot machine that includes a lot of original characters, a 40 slot payline, plus it has excellent bonuses like free spins and wild combinations which will surely make it a big hit among the fans. I'm sure it's well worth giving it a go, just to see if you can get yourself a free spin or even a lady in waiting, wink-wink!


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