Alternate Version of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Over the years superhero movies have grown increasingly popular with the general public. So much so, in fact, that whenever one is released it's nigh on guaranteed to hit it big at the box office. But this wasn't always the case. Oh no. I'm afraid not. Once upon a time superhero movies were thought of as being too niche, too comical, and too superficial by default, plus on occasion they also affected their four-color comic book counterparts.

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You see, whenever a comic book movie was released, a specialist comic book retail outlet would try it's best to cash in on the event. The problem with them doing this, however, is that if the movie didn't do well, neither did the comic shop, especially if they were one of those smaller comic shops who didn't have the capacity to take a big hit to their limited pockets. As a matter a fact, during the 90s and early 2000s, quite a few comic shops were affected by this, only to eventually be replaced by bigger and much more mainstream emporiums with the budgets to expand and diversify. 

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It's a shame really, a real shame, because gone are the days when you could go into a local comic shop and speak to the staff behind the counter about, well, whatever you wanted to! Be it next weeks releases, what character could beat what character, plus, you know... that sort of thing... otherwise known as comic book speak, and this would go on, week in, week out, until a rapport and a bond was cemented between the staff members and the customers alike. 

Now please don't get me wrong, as I'm not trying to say that we don't currently have anything good, positive, or decent coming out of the comic book field. It's just that we have good things, but they come out in a much different way. Today we have two large comic book themed movie universes, Marvel and DC, battling it out against each other on several different "battlefields". There's large scale blockbuster movies released almost every summer, TV shows for minor superheroes broadcast on several different TV networks, as well as a whole sea of superhero merchandise selling all around the world. We also have the comic books themselves, comic books which are likewise growing increasingly popular with the general public, just like their movie counterparts. 

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When you have the time please check out the following infographic sent to me by seatup.com which illustrates what are the most popular and lucrative superhero movies. They created it to show us which ones are placed in the Top 20, how much money they each earned, what their ratings are in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, as well as how many theaters that particular movie was shown in and what was its initial budget. Here, check this out...

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