Hulk Christmas Christmas is almost upon us, so it's a pretty good time to sit back, relax, and dive under your bed so you can pull out a great selection of comic books. But which ones would you want to read? Which ones might seem more appropriate during this yuletide season? Should you check out a graphic novel or should you go for a regular ongoing series? Either way, I hope there is plenty to choose from. If not, please have a look at the following list of titles that may be able to inspire your seasonal selection. After all, there are hundreds of different comic books released every single month, all of which create new characters, new fantasies, and new stories for you to enjoy.

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Heck, with the rise of technology, mobile or otherwise, we can also see our favorite superheroes in all manner of video games and movies. Their reach can go way beyond video games, like online gaming for instance, which is usually considered as online casino games. Come to think of it, there are several mobile slot games specially designed with comic book superhero themes for you to play. Anyway, that aside, let us now get back on track and see what we might be able to clap our eyes on while Saint Nick is stuffing our stocking. Please enjoy...

Justice League Christmas
Justice League

Do I have to write anything here? I mean, seriously? Most of us know that the Justice League is a great book and boasts some really awesome characters that include Batman (The best), Superman (Whatever), Cyborg (Wasn't he in the Teen Titans?), Green Lantern (Not Deadpool), Aquaman (Can you smell fish?), The Flash (Where?), and of course, Wonder Woman (No comment, or else she'd kick my ass). Over the years a number of great authors have been assigned to pen this book, most notably authors like Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis), Grant Morrison (World War 3), Mark Waid (Year One), as well as Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (A New Beginning).

Astonishing X-Men / X-Men Gold / X-Men Blue

This range of fringe X-Men books have been insanely popular for quite a while, and in many ways they represent the oppressed underdog who's fighting back against the tyranny of evil men. Yes. That's correct. That was a quote pulled from Pulp Fiction. Somehow it seems fairly appropriate when describing titles devised by a group of outstanding creative teams that consistently deliver their best every month. Bad Ass Mother F*ckers, correct?

New Avengers

Now I must confess, the only time I picked up this title was when Brian Michael Bendis wrote it. I previously knew his work from such books as Powers and Spider-Man, so I had a pretty good idea that he was going to do something outstanding with this series. And yes, I was right, along with Francis Leinil Yu and Frank Cho, two spectacular artists, he completely changed the face of the New Avengers with the incorporation of everyone’s favorite heroes. Which reminds me...

Batman Christmas
Batman / Detective Comics

Batman is the most popular hero in the DC Universe, and that is why I refuse to type anything here. Honestly, I'm not going to type anything more. Not even a colon. OK. So maybe a colon, a small one, just to appease some of the 'amazing architects' who've been assigned to orchestrate the bat-books, architects such as: Jeph Loeb, Frank Miller, Tom King, Alan Grant, Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Jim Aparo, Chuck Dixon, Norm Breyfogle, plus many-many more (colon).

Amazing Spider-Man / Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Writes a book? Can he cook? Whatever the case, you've got to give this a look. Watch out, here comes' the Spider-Man!!! But only if he's written by Brian Michael Bendis or J. Michael Straczynski, while keeping in mind that Ron Garney also does an amazing job with the art.

Incredible Hulk / Hulk

Hulk smash, Hulk read, and Hulk is a pretty nice guy if you check out his self-titled comic book! Nigh on every month you can see him clobber some evil looking twat for doing something very-very wrong. Kudos has to also go out to people like Greg Pack, Carlo Pagulayan, and Aaron Lopresti, for doing a wonderful job in helping Hulk reach new heights with their 'World War Hulk' story-line.

Wolverine and Spider-Man Christmas
Wolverine / New Wolverine / Old Man Logan 

Wolverine is probably the most hairy character featured in the Marvel universe. Wait a minute! Scrap that. The Beast is very hairy too, and so is Puck, Hercules, Dum Dum Dugan, and Batroc the Leaper. Hey! Can I start this section again please? Wolverine is hairy but he's more than just that! He's Canadian too and has a skeleton made from play doh. No. Not play doh. Adamantium. I always get those two confused. Next!!!

Teen Titans

Try to imagine a smaller version of the Justice League, albeit a far more friendlier and colorful bunch, and you kind of get the Teen Titans. Over the last decade this group of teenage sidekicks have grown increasingly popular thanks to writers like Geoff Johns and Benjamin Percy. In fact, they're so popular now, they're even going to get a new series on the CW. Hmmm? I wonder what that would look like?

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