Captain America and Batman Who isn't fond of a friendly superhero rivalry? Whether it's between Batman and Superman, Iron-Man and Captain America, or even Hulk and Thor, all in all there's a lot of fun to be had by watching these combatants fight it out, one on one on one. The popularity of this two-sided tomfoolery is quite evident in the gambling domain, none more so than in mobile casino games, which have become immensely popular among the fans. To some extent this was caused through the overwhelming amount of media attention superhero movies have had over the last decade or so, with many of them packing a punch, telling a story, and showcasing a cast of characters that are very exciting to follow.

In many ways this explains why casino games are not devoid of this trend. There are several casino games based on superheroes and their movies, with an honorable mention going to online slots as they feature incredible graphics, great prizes, and amazing sound effects, making them seem more realistic than conventional gaming machines. To play these slots you need to be an appropriate age or else you won't be given access to the various games currently available! Sneak peek into Monster Casino today and start enjoying a wide range of online and mobile casino games on the move! But before you do that, I would like you to check out four of the best rivalries that you can find in superhero comic books. Please enjoy...

Batman versus Superman
1) Batman versus Superman

Just like black and white, rich and poor, and good and evil, Batman and Superman are comic books proverbial odd-couple, with each of them having different perspectives and a different take on life. Now this isn't to say that they don't like each other. No. I would never say that. Yet it is a pretty good bet that they respect each other far more than they actually like each other. Generally they have their own differences of opinion, as Superman is not too fond of Batman's tactics and the same can be said in return. Dark Knight verses Boy Scout anyone?

Wolverine versus Hulk
2) Wolverine versus Hulk

I must admit that this rivalry cannot be defined as a friendly rivalry. Well, I'm sure most of us are aware that Wolverine made his first appearance in a Hulk comic book. But what some of us might not know, is that the story involved him going on a mission to find and kill the green skinned Goliath. Don't worry though, because Logan wasn't very successful, plus a few years later, Hulk did manage to get his own back by ripping Wolverine in half during a showdown penned by Damon Lindelof. Lovely. Bloody lovely. 

Wonder Woman versus Aquaman
3) Wonder Woman versus Aquaman

The rivalry between the King of Atlantis and the Princess of Themyscira is something that no fan would want to miss out on. Honest to God, Hera, Poseidon, or whoever else you might want to worship, whenever these two proud royal-rogues face off against each other, neither of them can help but indulge in an endless act of war. All this, despite the two of them being active members of the Justice League! Both of them, equally matched, with cool weapons, super strength, and an attitude some might call aloof at best. Oh! Wait a minute, as I just remembered something! I'm actually talking about the Wonder Woman and Aquaman from the Flashpoint universe -- in part, anyway -- because in this one, Wonder Woman has the edge over fish face as she's part of the DC Trinity. Bless her cotton socks.

Spider-Man versus the Human Torch
4) Spider-Man versus the Human Torch

Now, if you try to sit down and analyse the rivalry between the Human Torch and Spider-Man, what you'll discover is that at the heart of their relationship is a strange blend of petty jealousy, combative superhero shenanigans, and of course, a shed load of humor. Although both of these heroes enrage and inspire each other, whenever they meet up, normally at the top of Lady Liberty, their union is always something more than amazing. Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most popular among the two, and it's no wonder that there are several mobile casino games featuring him. So go on, give them a whirl, and try out your favorite superhero slot from your favorite superhero casinos. Here, get a load of this...


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