Hiding In Bed Sniff-Sniff! Cough-Cough! Scratch-Scratch! Oh God, where am I? What the hell has just happened to me? One moment I was tucked up in bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, and the next, well, I’m here, wherever here is meant to be, wondering how I ended up in a place I don’t even know!

Come on, think, try to think about what’s happened to you over the last couple of hours. Although, having said that, how long have I been out for the count? One hour? 30 minutes? A day or three? Go on, you can do it! Concentrate your mind so it’s as sharp as that piercing light, beaming out of that gap in the door.

Oh! One sec! That’s not a door. Not a conventional door, anyway. It’s a door to a cupboard and I’m inside it, kneeled down, curled up, and huddled like a bundle of dirty laundry that desperately needs cleaning. Why is that though? Why am I inside a cupboard, feeling like a pile of tattered old rags? It’s pretty damn dark in here too, plus my body temperature is so high I feel like I can cook eggs on my face. I’m so hot in fact, that I can’t even summon up the energy to crawl two feet forward and push open that cupboard door. 

Scared Of The Dark
Wait a minute! I can hear something coming from the other side of it, and it’s getting close, closer, closer still, omitting a strange pulsating sound that’s starting to scare me. What is that exactly? That sound? As it kind of comes across like a muffled heartbeat strobing in and out of sink! Think-Thunk! Think-Thunk! Think-Think! Thunk! Need to think. Need to thunk! Need to conserve my energy so I can push open that door. Go on. Push it. Push it open. Raise up your hands and do the deed. 

Flip! Clunk! Slam! There, I did it. The door is now open and I can finally see where I am. I’m tucked up in bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, and I’ve just been struck with another bout of claustrophobia. It isn’t very easy, living with this condition, as it can make you paranoid, disjointed, confused, and frustrated, wondering when and where the doorways of your mind will close on you once again. They’re open now though, for the time being, which gives me ample opportunity to check out the following infographic provided by It’s about claustrophobic films seen in the cinemas. A coincidence? No. I think not. But please enjoy nonetheless.



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