Gordon Gekko Some people say that money is the root of all evil, presumably because greed is a factor as well as being a part of the seven deadly sins. But I don't think so, no, not one little bit. I personally feel that money isn't the root of all evil, although I do think that the love of money might have something to do with it.

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Well, let's face facts; when was the last time you saw a five pound note stand up and punch someone in the face? Or for that matter, have you ever heard of a ten dollar bill purposely disrespecting a race, a gender, or a creed? You probably haven't, not unless you're currently taking some sort of hallucinatory medication which could give you visions such as these! 

Yet, what you might have encountered; could be greed in all of its varying forms: Like a gambler overplaying their hand at a UK online casino, like a burglar robbing a centralized metropolitan bank, like a thief stealing from a friend, or even a large conglomerate of businesses exploiting their workers every single day of the week. That's what I'm talking about here, dear reader, with the sole intention of informing you how this perverse form of emotion can shape your mind, corrupt your soul, and occasionally be used as the basis for a popular story or a film.

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Over the years a number of writers, actors, and directors have tackled this subject head-on, each time trying their collective best to illustrate the association between greed and money. Sometimes certain productions can do this far better than others, yet that is not to say that better is more relevant or realistic. Greed is greed, money is money, and never the twain will they ever meet.

Thankfully my mates over at abcfinance.co.uk think along very similar lines, and that is why they have produced the following infographic which highlights the 10 Best Films About Finance. Some of these films include the 1987 high stakes drama, Wall Street (Never trust Gordon Gekko); the 1983 hit comedy, Trading Places (Dan and Eddie at their best); Ben Younger's fiscal flick from the year 2000, Boiler Room (No, its not a place to dry out your clothing); and of course, the Martin Scorsese 2013 classic, The Wolf Of Wall Street (Howling mad stockbrokers whose bark is a lot worse than their might). Check it out when you can and please leave a comment below if you can think of any other films which should have been included on this list. Go on, have a look, but keep in mind that money doesn't buy you love, it only buys you a better class of enemy, an enemy named greed.

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