Cosplay In Crisis When I was a kid I used to love playing with lego. I'm not sure why, exactly, as all I really knew is that I got a buzz out of sticking one yellow brick on top of another, before placing these two pieces onto something else. Then last month something struck me. Not physically, of course, or else I'd have to go to the hospital and tend to my injuries. What struck me was a notion, a fairly straight forward notion, which indirectly implied that the physical act of me playing with lego somehow nurtured a creative spark within my mind. That sudden spark most creators get when they realize that making something out of nothing is always a worthwhile experience.

Now if you think about it, what we do during our informative years can sometimes shape what we become when we grow older. Admittedly, this wasn't necessarily true for yours truly, because, as a kid, I wanted to be some sort of truck driving vet, despite the fact that I have never been too keen on driving or looking after animals. Nonetheless, this made-up vocation did occur to me, and in some strange way it helped me understand what I did want to be as much as what I didn't.

Baby Guardians of the Galaxy
Baby Guardians of the Galaxy by PureCostumes
Well, let's face it: At the end of the day life is always about choices. I mean, who do you like and who do you hate; and why is that the case during this particular juncture in your existence? What made you feel this way and does any of this matter within the scheme of things? And if so, how so? Are your choice's so important and so profound, they will somehow change your life for the better or for the worse? Plus, how can you assess this final outcome, taking into consideration that without physically going through each of its varying permutations, you won't really know what is truly beneficial and what is truly not?

There. See what I mean? Life is all about choices. And that is why I'm writing this particular piece, so I can explain to you that taste, choice, and design, is a constant and subjective experience, constantly evolving, constantly changing, in which their is never a right or wrong answer.

That is, all except for the fact that the experience in itself is mostly a rewarding one. After all, in life we learn a number of thing's via what we do and what we accomplish. Inadvertently, the more we know the less we know, and visa-versa, thus making us question who we are and what we're all about.

Case in point, last month I was sent the following infographics to post onto my site. But the problem was, I wasn't quite sure which one I should pick! Each of them looked pretty snazzy and they perfectly fitted my sites niche (whatever that means?). So what I decided to do is get a little creative with my selection, and posted all of them, one, by one, by one.

Seriously, why should I only post one infographic when I can post all four of them at the same time? Although, the question remained, how can I create a post that would justify their joint existence? 'I know', I said to myself, 'Let's get creative. Just like I did all those years ago when I placed one yellow brick on top of another'. So voila, here you are...


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