Stage Door To download, or not to download: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows on an Iphone, or hold up an Android device against a sea of troubles, and by opposing them, to die, to sleep, perchance to dream. No more, says I. No more will I have crap reception! From this moment onwards I will refrain from speaking in a Shakespearean tongue, and dedicate myself into promoting the following app.

Well, you may have heard of it before, but if you're a theatre lover, wanting to find the best theatre performances in London, you might want to check out the Stagedoor app, as it will allow you to stay up-to-date with shows from your favorite venues, theater companies, and theatrical performers. Some people call it the IMDb for the more discerning theater goer, simply because it manages to list all of the shows on one compact app: from small, to big, to experimental, to fringe, plus everything else in between. The Stagedoor community also exchanges show recommendations through the app itself, in a way “replicating” word of mouth via its social reviewing features.

According to market research, we, the general public, trust friends, word of mouth, and social media more than traditional critics. Only 6% trust the critics when it comes to the acts seen throughout the art's festival circuit, where as 94% of us trust recommendations seen elsewhere. As a matter of fact, only 1 in 3 of us make the time to go and watch the most popular acts just to see what the hype is all about, while 9 in 10 of us try to navigate the art festivals via word of mouth recommendations, without forgetting to analyse social media trends to decide which stage to head to.

Mat Burt, who's the founder of London’s Vault Festival, isn’t surprised by these findings, and said as such in a press release: "The problem with relying on traditional critics to guide you at festivals is that the forecasts cannot predict the energy and mood on the day. Furthermore, by the time the reviews come out the festival is over, and you could have missed a great performance by an act you have never seen or heard of! This is a huge shame as festivals are a golden chance to get your teeth into something new".

Michael Hadjijoseph, who's the co-founder of Stagedoor, knows this feeling all too well, stating: "Festivals always have an exciting explorative nature to them. Although, that said, anyone who loves the arts that goes to festivals can find it challenging to choose between so many great acts. Everything is happening so fast and shows last for only a couple of days. While critic's reviews and paper programmes can be helpful, there is nothing quite like judging the atmosphere of the day and seeing what the crowds are enjoying in real-time".

If you want to know any more information about the Stagedoor app, please feel free to check out their website, facebook, and twitter pages. Better yet, why not download it via the appstore


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