Batman, Savage Dragon, Wolverine, Mega Man, Hellboy If you'd like to know a little bit more about the comic book industry, then I'd suggest that you'd learn how to differentiate between the major publishers. To me, this is vital because each publisher has different characters and styles they conform to. Want to know more? Then please check out the following list of top comic book publishers and the characters who've made them famous.

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Marvel Comics 

Overall Marvel Comics are leading the comic book scene with their popular characters, strong sales, and high-profile events. As a matter of fact, the MCU has even managed to attract new readers and popularize their brand, saying so because nowadays people can relate to their roster of down to earth heroes who are full of charisma and charm. Come to think of it, with Marvel grabbing the top spot, it's no wonder that you can find new video games and online casino games emerging, each based on their characters. Marvel also offers to their readers a digital library, comprising of over 15,000 comics, and accessing it is a great way of getting in touch with what they have available.

DC Comics

Even though DC and Marvel are both known for their vast variety of characters, in some way DC have the edge by boasting such iconic heroes as Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, all of which have a history that spans over 80 years. In addition to this, they've also starred in the same film together (no comment), and been featured in various new online games and TV shows. Heck, DC has even won more awards within the comic book domain, with some of their notable winners including such titles as Y The Last Man, Fables, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sandman, and the Dark Knight Returns

Dark Horse Comics

Just like its name, Dark Horse Comics is a bit of a dark horse publisher, going so far as to license popular properties featured in the films. This ranges from such well known franchises as Predator, Aliens, Barb Wire, The Mask, the Legacy Star Wars films, as well as the Mike Mignola classic, Hellboy. They publish other brands of comic book as well, but they are generally better known for this as well as numerous slot games based on their characters. 

Image Comics

Image became popular during the 1990s when a group of artists from Marvel tried to generate profits from their own creations rather than working for somebody else. A lot of them found success with such titles as Witchblade, Dark Hawk, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, and Spawn, and soon enough, they started competing financially with both DC and Marvel. After a while, however, they began to lose steam because of infighting and not being able to release their comics on time.

IDW Publishing

IDW is a top-quality publisher who've managed to do a similar thing than Dark Horse, that being to smartly license properties and create solid sales. They have been able to revitalize a number of different franchises from the 90s to the 60s, such as Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Transformers, plus their 30 Days of Night title has been a top performer since its first release.

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