King Kong Rooftop One night, two nuts escape from a cracker factory. Not straight away, mind you, because the first thing George and Gerald did was to make their way out of the main facility. Once they did that, the two of them then hopped, skipped, and jumped through a series of perpendicular rooftops, with each jump seeming more perilous than the next. After a while they both finally found themselves on the verge of freedom, or in other words, looking out, directly at the final rooftop, with the only obstacle left for them to face being a fairly large gap between the top of a dusty old storage shed and a wooden hut.

‘Wait a minute!’, screamed Gerald, ‘I don’t think I’d be able to clear that’. ‘Why not?’, inquired George, ‘You’ve done it before so you should be able to do it again!’. ‘But look!’, exclaimed Gerald, ‘Look at the size of it!’, as he then pointed down towards the gap in question, ‘It’s at least ten feet wide and thirty feet deep, so what are the chances I’d be able to make it? 100 to 1? Maybe more? As it's not like I have a great Casino promo code offer up my sleeve!’. ‘Rubbish’, groaned George, ‘You can make it, and I can make it too’, at which point he cleverly took three steps back, before running forward and clearing the jump by nearly two feet.

Harold Lloyd Rooftop‘See?’, said George, while he picked himself up from the adjacent wooden rooftop, ‘That was easy peasy! So you shouldn’t have any problem with it whatsoever’. But unfortunately Gerald did have a problem, a major one, and George noticed this as soon as he saw his friend's wobbly legs quivering with fear. So what did he do? Did he leave him behind and trot away to safety? Or did he do the one thing he never thought he would do? That being to encourage him to jump the gap and join in with the final leg of their escape!

Without thinking, George opened his mouth and brashly blurted out, ‘I’ve got an idea!’, but he didn’t, not really, not until he finished his sentence by saying, ‘How about I get my imaginary friend Peter to come over there and fetch you across?’. ‘No’, adamantly replied Gerald, ‘Peter doesn’t like me and he would deliberately drop me halfway through’. ‘Okay then’, reluctantly sighed George, ‘So what if I took out my torch and shined it across the gap so you could walk along its beam?’. ‘No, that’s another stupid idea’, winced Gerald, ‘After all, you have two alkaline batteries in that pocket torch of yours and they aren’t strong enough to hold my weight’.

Rooftop Espace
Now at this point in their conversation, George began to feel fairly wary about the whole ordeal. So wary, in fact, that he clumsily reached down into his shirt pocket, hoping to pull out a handkerchief to wipe his brow. But no. He doesn’t pull out a handkerchief. What he finds instead is the following infographic created by ‘Hey, look at what I just found!’, gleefully yelped George, while he happily waved the discovered infographic in the air. ‘Why don’t we check this out and see if it will give us any ideas?’. ‘Sure’, said Gerald, ‘That sounds like a swell plan. Let’s have a look and see what we can come up with’. And so they did just that, they looked at the infographic, and after that, they looked some more, then some more, a bit more, more-more-more, until the authorities eventually spotted them and locked them up for good. The end.


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