Justice League Slot Game Have you ever wondered why certain people keep on using the term, 'comic book superheroes'? The first two words seem pretty superfluous, don't they? Particularly when you take into consideration that the majority of superheroes originate from the comic book medium, even though they do feature in large movie franchises and grand multi-platform games. Come to think of it, nowadays most of these heroes have been replaced by a handful of colorful characters that keep us glued to our TV screens, our Ipads, or our gaming devices. You may have played some of these great games without realizing that the game itself is interesting because of the idea behind its creation. So what now follows are a selection of superhero-themed slot games which have been featured at the best UK based online casino.

Justice League - Super Online Slot

The Justice League are a group of heroes who've banded together so they can save the earth from any up and coming invasion. Among their roster includes heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, to name but a few, and their main agenda is to protect humankind from any evil force that comes their way. If you've already watched their 2017 film, directed by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, then there's a pretty good chance you've already played their new slot game by NextGen. Given the advanced technology they have at their disposal, NextGen has been able to give this game the best graphics and a comical design. Playing the game makes you feel like you're actually interacting with these superheroes, especially since you won't be seeing the same old symbols used in other standard slot games.

Iron Man 3 - Marvel Jackpot

Superheroes are generally loved because of their personalities and their powers. None more so than Tony Stark himself, AKA Iron Man, who has no problem whatsoever lending his name to a game of chance! After all, his game by Spinzwin online casino has a ton of bonus features and special pay lines! What's more, if Tony Stark’s suit won't make you play for the big win, maybe War Machine's suit or Iron Patriot's suit will! On the reels, you have the opportunity to select which character you'd like to play with, and based on your selection you can enjoy playing the game with its excellent graphics and superb sound.

The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Tie-In

Microgaming have nailed a really great Batman online slot game (which I've mentioned before), because they've designed it to mirror the fan favorite film, 'The Dark Knight Rises'. When Bane and Batman meet on your screen, try to do your best to play-on in order to award yourself bonus points in the form of free-spin counters or multipliers. You will also find them at the top of your screen, so take note of these two distinctive features, along with Bane’s Rolling Reels and Batman's Extra Wild Blasts. Pow! Slam! Ka-Ching!


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