Lost in Translation Art Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a hotel featured in a major Hollywood movie? If so, then wonder no more, because now, thanks to Expedia, you can check out ten of the most luxurious places all across the globe, courtesy of their brand-new infographic.

Some of the hotel's featured include: Tokyo’s colossal Park Hyatt Hotel (seen in the 2003 drama, ‘Lost in Translation’); New York’s grand Plaza Hotel (showcased at the end of Cameron Crowe’s 2000 musical-odyssey, ‘Almost Famous’); Paris’s Le Bristol Hotel (obviously from the 2011 Woody Allen film, ‘Midnight in Paris’), as well as Carlsbad’s Grandhotel Pupp (which was prominently featured throughout the 2006 James Bond action-adventure, ‘Casino Royale’). Six other opulent abodes have also been included.

Plaza Hotel
Essentially this new guide was based on ten of the most desired film locations fans wanted to go and visit, and comprises details such as: (1) The number of Oscar nominations the film was awarded; (2) How many rooms the hotel has on offer; (3) What sort of money the movie took in at the box office; and, (4) everyone’s favorite, Did anyone of note stay at the place in question? Hopefully, this research will encourage you to book a room at one of these famous hotels, while informing you of the unique and alluring facts associated with each one. 

Le Bristol Hotel
Personally, I liked knowing that Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey stayed at the exact same hotel where they made Lucy. No, not some girl named Lucy, but rather, ‘Lucy the film’, starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, and directed by Luc Besson. This is closely followed by my second favorite fact, the one relating to 1268 people taking refuge inside the same building where they shot the 2004 historical drama, ‘Hotel Rwanda’. It’s the Hotel Des Mille Collines, situated in Kigali, Rwanda.

So which one of these featured facts is your favorite? Go on, check out the following infographic, and tell us what you think of it below.

Hotels From The Silver Screen
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