Avengers Infinity WarAs many of us know, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, is going to be blasted onto a silver-screen near us any time soon. So I bet my bottom dollar that a lot of you are trying to deduce who will be coming out of this film still intact! Some have speculated that Captain America won't last longer than his third shield toss, whereas some others have hypothesized that Iron Man will be more 'iron' than 'man' once Thanos gets his humungous hands on him. Either way, the one thing we can all say for certain, is that the experience in itself will be well worth watching, even if it's just to look at some of the Avengers new costumes and new technology.

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After all, video clips from the numerous battle scenes have revealed how characters such as Steve Rogers, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, War Machine, and Tony Stark have all upgraded their technology in preparation to fight against one of Marvels' most powerful villains. But will this be enough? Will Earths Mightiest Heroes be able to band together in order to stop the Dark Order and Thanos from collecting all of the Infinity Stones and destroying the entire universe? What's more, we can’t help but wonder which collection of heroes will have the power to hold them back until the possible arrival of Adam Warlock or Nebula?

So, to answer some of these hypothetical questions, Daniel Atanasov, from Plusnet, has come up with a marvelous hypothetical suit that contains eight pieces of technology which may be able to turn the tide of battle, a suit which features:

Avengers Infinity War 1) Red Wing Drone: Got a blind spot? Don’t worry because we’ve got this covered with a drone that can scan the surrounding area and relay everything back to us so we can plan our attack. 

2) F.R.I.DA.Y Artificial Intelligence: We can now pick Tony Starks and Visions brain by using similar artificial intelligence to help guide us through our combat sequences. 

3) Wakanda’s Resources: Creating the armor from the same vibranium as Black Panthers costume and Steve Rogers new shield will make the suit indestructible and lightweight whilst gaining our own super strength.

4) Spidey's Web Shooters: Yes. That's right. There will be approximately 576 tingling combinations of web-shooter that'll give the user the ability to wipe out squads of evil henchmen and malevolent overlords. 

5) Black Widow’s Bite: Shock gloves will also give the suit a special sting when taking down any villain that crosses our path. 

6) Pym Particles: The ability to shrink to a size of an ant and sneak behind our enemies on the battlefield is a very sneaky ability to possess. Don't you agree? Hello? Is anybody there? SLAP!!!!

The Ultimate Supersuit
The Ultimate Supersuit


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