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Smoke ArtApproximately two years ago I decided to quit smoking. Well, when I say quit, what I actually mean by this is that I decided to stop smoking conventional cigarettes. After all, it is habit forming, it can be quite expensive, and after a while, there’s a possibility it could lead to a number of health issues.

That said, however, at the time I made this choice, none of these problems were under my radar. Heck, I only smoked six cigarettes per day and could easily afford to do it. My health wasn’t a problem either! Although, to be fair, once I did stop, I did start to realize that my sense of smell and taste was slightly hindered by my regular nicotine fix. But only a little bit, and nothing major. 

Now the method I used to stop smoking is a fairly conventional one, and it involved me replacing my usual brand of cigarette with an electronic cigarette, otherwise known as an e-cig. Trust me, it wasn’t easy putting an end to an old habit I held on to for over fifteen years, especially when I began to realize that I also had to change my behavior as well. 

Celebrity Vaping
Back in the day, I was the type of smoker who only smoked during certain times of the day. I’d have my first cigarette in the morning with my coffee, and I’d have my second one around midday after my lunch. Then by 5pm I’d pick up the pace slightly, doing so by smoking my next four cigarettes within the space of four two hour intervals, namely, 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm respectively, with me smoking my last one just before going to sleep. Now I did this day in, day out, for years on end, with hardly any variation on my routine, except in times of stress or if I was on holiday. But then, two years ago, I said to myself, stop, think about what you're doing, make a compromise, make a lifestyle change, and make yourself more aware of what else is available.

Obviously, I did just that, and this has led me onto my current vaping fix, which, I must admit, I like, I like a lot, simply because it’s a healthier alternative and is a lot less expensive in comparison. I’m also nicotine free, and really enjoying the numerous flavors they have on offer, ranging from strawberry-milkshake, chocolate-fudgebanoffee piewatermelon, and menthol, to name but a few. In fact, vaping has become so popular now, you can even see actors doing it on the silver screen. Here, check out the following infographic created by greyhaze.co.uk to see what I mean.

Vaping On Screen

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