Man In Shadow As I slowly opened my eye, I saw him standing there, right over me, gazing down as if I were some sort of museum piece, an antiquity, similar to a fragile vase which had previously been excavated from the ground. 'How are you feeling?', he said, 'Any better now?'. But alas, I didn't have the energy inside me to be able to reply. My mouth felt numb. My brow felt sticky to the touch. And basically my entire body felt like it was set on fire.

Nonetheless, I still tried my best to express some gratitude towards the man who attempted to correct my woes. So in earnest, I gathered as much energy as I could possibly muster and flimsily raised my hand as if to slot it into his! But, as it turned out, I missed his hand completely and the tips of my fingers leisurely brushed against the edge of his lapel. Still, this mattered not within the scheme of things, as I'm sure he could gather my meager intent via my meager gesture. After all, he's a noted surgeon and I was one of his patients! A patient, I might add, that just woken up after a fairly lengthy operation on my left eye.

Man In Hospital Bed
A few hours later I remember waking up from one of my many quick slumbers. I wasn't quite sure where I was, of course, but having said that, from the numerous sounds I could hear around me I was fairly positive I've been placed in a hospital ward, surrounded by people who also needed to recover from their operations. The man in the bed to the left of me seemed to be in pain and was grumbling about it under his breath. Where as the man to my right seemed to be drifting in and out of sleep due to, well, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure exactly. Although from the sound of that 'pinging machine' he constantly had on in the background, I'm strongly certain his ailment didn't have anything to do with a tooth ache.

It's amazing really, when you come to think of it, how much medical advancements have progressed over the years. Once upon a time I'm sure my eye disease would have made me go blind (click here to read about that). But now though, well, this doesn't seem to be the case. To see what I mean please check out the following infographic sent to me by It relates to Medical Advancements that stemmed from the field of Science Fiction, and it's complemented with a video clip which talks about exactly the same subject. In the meantime all I need to do is be patient, both figuratively and proactively, and hope for the best where it comes' to my recovery. Here's hoping, eh? Here's hoping that sooner or later all illness could be fought against.


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