Walt DisneyAccording to legend, The Walt Disney Company was first founded on the 16th of October, 1923, by two brothers from Chicago, Illinois, called Walt and Roy Disney. Since then they've gone on to become the second-largest media conglomerate in the whole wide world, managing to diversify their resources into many different forms of entertainment, such as live-action films, theme-parks, cartoons, and of course, that damn pesky internet. A company like Fox, on the other hand, was first founded on the 1st of February, 1915, by a fairly affluent Hungarian gentleman that moved to Manhattan at the start of the twentieth century, Mister William Fox. But unfortunately after the disastrous stock-market crash of 1929, a crash which forced many different companies to go out of business, William was forced to merge his with another one based in California, Twentieth Century Pictures, only to eventually form one of the biggest film studios in American history, 20th Century Fox, now called 21st Century Fox.

Then suddenly, in December, 2017, Fox did it again; they managed to merge their company with another one -- namely, Disney -- so they can continue to grow even bigger and better in stature (allegedly), doing so by striking a deal that cost $66.1 billion dollars -- yes, that's right, I said, dollars -- and is expected to be taken over completely by 2021.

Mister William Fox
Mister William Fox
Now they've done that, though, what will this acquisition mean in practical terms? How will it affect their staff, their history, their television shows, their up and coming films, as well as their other services that include streaming platforms and sports broadcasting? After all, we're currently living in a day and age where Disney also owns Marvel and Marvel is dominating the cinematic landscape, keeping in mind that Fox likewise has a number of Marvel properties under their belt, specifically Deadpool and The X-Men! Hopefully, touch wood, fingers crossed, these two media giants will find a way of merging their resources so they can blend together as effectively and as smoothly as possible.

Well, I think they will, anyway, and I'm sure they will do it in incremental stages so their changes won't dramatically impact how we enjoy their shows, buy their products, or subscribe to their services. I also like to think that they won't do something stupid like merge together some of their subdivisions, such as Fox Film and Lucas Film, otherwise, the fan backlash may hinder what should be a fresh and rewarding experience. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if the Star Wars Universe collided with the characters featured in the Planet of the Apes? Seriously, can you just picture Jedi and monkey alike, running around town and moaning about who shot who first or who has the better hair, Chewbacca or Caesar?

Most probably Chewie, but anyway, I digress. Now if you want to see what else may come out of this joint acquisition please check out the following infographic by ABCFinance and video by WatchMojo, and please don't hesitate to add a comment below about your thoughts on this subject. Please enjoy. 

Of Mice And Mergers

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