Pulp Fiction DanceDancewear Central have recently conducted a survey in order to figure out what is the best contemporary dance sequence showcased on the silver screen. Out of one hundred they've managed to pan it down to ten movies, and out of those ten, at least three of them are rocking, one of them is flash, and the rest feature a small boy, a placid teenager, plus a group of very flamboyant gangsters. Want to know more? Then please check this out...

10) The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What? This one is at ten? No way. Tell me this isn't true! Not this cult classic which still welcomes costumed fans every Halloween for screenings around the world! Rocky Horror is basically a mix of parody, homage, and schlocky sci-fi, yet some of the most memorable scenes are the dance sequences. Such as the Time Warp, for example, devised by Richard O’Brien, and accompanied by a series of instructions that tell you how to perform the jazzy number!

9) Chicago.

Talking about jazzy numbers, in 9th place is a location, a film, as well as a cinematic classic which has an opening sequence performed by a black-clad dance troop led by Catherine Zeta-Jones, flexing their gams, juxtaposed with sex, style, and good old fashioned glamour. This sequence was directed by Rob Marshall, and combines a number of elements which intensifies both the performance and the plot.

8) Billy Elliot.

Ai' up, Chuck! Trouble up mill again? Nah! No trouble up mill. The only trouble I've got is the fact that my own blooming son likes to dance! Directed by Stephen Daldry, and starring Jamie Bell and Gary Lewis, Billy Elliot is the sort of working-class drama which can give you goosebumps upon your goosebumps! It's flicking fantastic!

7) West Side Story.

When I was a kid I thought all street thugs and hoodlums enjoyed dancing and posing a lot more than robbing and shooting. Damn you West Side Story! Why did you deceive me so? What with your well-choreographed dance numbers, stylistic staging, and over the top performances, each complemented by a Latin-themed story-line that's been ripped right out of the pages of Willy Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

6) Flashdance.

After this film was released, it became mandatory for everyone who worked in the steel industry to have a perm, wear loose fitting clothing, and dance provocatively in front of a panel of judges. What? You don't believe me? Then ask Irene Cara! After all, she did compose the aforementioned song.

5) Saturday Night Fever.

Did you know that John Travolta doesn't consider himself a real dancer? In the past he's always told interviewers that he considers himself an actor who's pretty good at putting on a show, rather than being a full-on professional performer. He could have fooled me though, especially when you see him in that now legendary scene, wearing the white disco suit and pointing at stains in the ceiling. Shazam!!!

4) Napoleon Dynamite.

What the hell is this movie doing on this list? I mean, seriously, what's wrong with the people Dancewear Central interviewed? Technically this routine is a joke, at best, even though it did keep in sync with the style of the film. Napoleon Dynamite needs to go boom-boom now!

3) Grease.

How come there weren't any Greek people featured in this film? Come on, own up, and explain to me why! Is there racist propaganda circulating Hollywood which... which... uhhh... oh? Ops! Sorry! I just realized its spelt 'Grease', not 'Greece', which most probably explains why I didn't like watching it. That, coupled with the fact that nigh on every teenager seen on the screen was easily in their thirties, plus the music, wow, the music, so-so good, and nothing like Zorba!!!!

2) Dirty Dancing.

Tut-tut-tut! Why does everything have to be dirty nowadays? A dirty martini, a dirty tracksuit, and a dirty whatever. Honestly, why can't things be cleaner? Like the sight of a strong young man lifting up a nasally challenged lady at the very end of a dance sequence, thus unveiling her knickers. Lovely!!

1) Pulp Fiction.

Unfortunately, I have nothing more to say about dance or dance related films. Well, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm not a great dancer, or a big fan of musicals in general. So if you've got any you'd like to add to this list, please do by entering your thoughts in the comment section below. In the meantime, though, let's get down and boogie!!!


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