Tidalwave Productions - MusicTidalwave Productions are a well known independent comic book publisher that specializes in producing a wide range of celebrity-focused comic books. Over the years they've managed to develop a number of very popular properties, all of which have centered themselves on such topics as politics (Political Power), women's issues (Female Force), as well as a nostalgic look at those celebrities who are no longer with us (Tribute). Recently they've added another category to their list, musicians, which I'm sure is a category many of us will get a right kick out of. Want to know more? Then please stand back, slide on your headphones, and lets all groove to the following gallery of images that'll show us what Tidalwave has on offer.

Tidalwave Comics On Amazon (Edited by Darren G Davis)

Please Note: Each cover image is accompanied by a quote spoken by the musician in question, as well as credits pertaining to the artist and the writer who created their comic book. You also might like to know that I’ll be publishing previews for some of these comics within the up and coming months, so please keep a lookout for them during web-comic Friday. Have you got all that? Good. While you're at it try to keep in mind that most musicians take chances, most chances go both ways, so if you go both ways, fingers-crossed, why don’t you take a punt at fika casino. Wink-wink. Please enjoy.

Paul McCartney

Orbit: Paul McCartney: Carry That Weight
Created by Richard Elms and Orlando Maro
QUOTE: 'I don't work at being ordinary
because I'm not.'


Fame: Beyonce 
Created by CW Cooke and Alex Lopez
QUOTE: 'I am a different person on stage
than I am in real life.'

Mötley Crüe

Orbit: Mötley Crüe: Livin' the Fast Life
Created by Michael Frizell and Jayfri Hashim
QUOTE: 'We've actually got a
Motley Crue channel on Pandora.'

Freddie Mercury

Tribute: Freddie Mercury
Created by Mike Lynch and Manuel Diaz
QUOTE: 'I won't be a rock star.
I will be a legend.'


Female Force: Madonna
Created by CW Cooke and‎ Michael Johnson
QUOTE: 'I'm the result of my good & bad choices.'

George Harrison

Orbit: George Harrison
Created by Carlos Morales and Angel Bernuy
QUOTE: 'Gossip is the Devil's radio.'

Tim McGraw

Fame: Tim McGraw
Created by David McIntee and Jed Mickle
QUOTE: 'There's rises and falls and ups
and downs in all music.'

Ozzy Osbourne

Orbit: Ozzy Osbourne: The Metal Madman
Created by Michael Frizell and Jayfri Hashim
QUOTE: 'Of all the things I've lost I 
miss my mind the most.'

John Lennon

Tribute: John Lennon
Created by Mark Shapiro and Luciano Kars
QUOTE: 'As usual, there is a great woman
behind every idiot.'

Barbra Streisand

Female Force: Barbra Streisand
Created by Melissa Seymour and‎ Manuel Diaz
QUOTE: 'Myths are a waste of time.
They prevent progression.'


Fame: Bono
Created by Michael Frizell and‎ Jayfri Hashim
QUOTE: 'Music can change the world 
because it can change people.'


Fame: Adele
Created by Michael Troy and‎ Manuel Diaz
QUOTE: 'I don't make music for eyes.
I make music for ears.'

Whitney Houston

Tribute: Whitney Houston
Created by Raphael Moran and Kirk Feretzanis
QUOTE: 'Loneliness comes with life.'

Kurt Cobain

Tribute: Kurt Cobain
Created by Graham Hill REV and‎ Jayfri Hashim
QUOTE: 'I'd rather be dead than cool.'

Do you enjoy listening to music? And if you do, what type of music do you enjoy listening to? Do you rock while listening to rock? Do you swing while listening to swing? Or do you jive while trying to skive? Either way, please let me know your musical tastes in the comment section below, along with the name of your favorite artist. Once you’ve done that I will pass these details onto Tidalwave Comics and maybe, just maybe, their next comic will be about a musician of your choosing. But before you rush off and do that, please allow me to leave you with something to think about: Inside the majority of people is a need to express themselves, or at the very least, convey some sort of emotion that represents who they are or who they wish to be. Why is that though? Why is it that some people can only channel their creativity through acting, through singing, or through a creative channel of some kind? Like art, for instance, or writing, whereas others can just be who they are without the need to emote? Could biology be a factor or something psychological? Saying so while keeping in mind that expression can help and nurture both the creator and their audience.


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