Cute AvengersAre you a fan of superhero movies? And if so, why? What do you find so fascinating about this genre of film? Does it have anything to do with the characters? The storylines? Or is it the sense of hero worship and escapist fantasy? Either way, good job, as it's always nice to know that there are other people out there who like the same things I do.

littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Well, personally, I just love chartering the history behind each character, especially finding out little snippets of trivia associated with their creation! I mean, did you know that Joe Simon initially wanted to call Captain America, 'Super American', and that the only reason he went against this, is because at the time 'there were too many 'supers' in the comic books'? Come to think of it, did you have any idea that Namor: the Sub-Mariner, the first ever hero published by Marvel Comics (then called Timely), was created by a man who was a direct descendant of William Blake (a notable English poet) and Richard Everett (the founder of Dedham, Massachusetts)?

It's crazy, I know, and goes to show that there is a lot more to this breed of hero than Pow-Biff-Bam! Not that I have anything against supercharged theatricality, mind you, because I think life can always be a lot more exciting with some spirited adventure. In fact, I think adventure is so important to a person's life, that I would now like to introduce you to The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, which allows kids to create and customize high-tech hero gear so they can come up with their own unique superhero identity. All they have to do is...

littleBits 680-0017 Avengers Hero Inventor Kit
Now doesn't that look fascinating? Boy, I wish I was a kid again as I'd definitely make something special out of that lot. Something like a high-tech hero gauntlet that flashes like Iron-Man's get-up and sounds like The Hulk's battle-cry! After all, each kit comes with nine wearable sensors, seven hero gear parts, two sticker sheets, a customizable LED matrix light design, and authentic Marvel Avengers sound effects, including those yelps, groans, and flashes belonging to Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Shuri, among others. There is also a free training guide, entitled The Avengers Hero Inventor app, which includes step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for more than 18 in-app activities. By completing activities around light, speed, stealth, sound, coding, and unique hero identity, kids can unleash their creativity and expand their minds.

Anyway, that's enough of that methinks. So if you're interested in this great piece of kid-friendly kit, please feel free to check out Amazon or for more information. And while you're at it, you also might want to check out the following infographic too! It was sent to us by and illustrates what the audience thinks of Avengers: Infinity War. Please enjoy.

Avengers: Infinity War - Audience Breakdown


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