Sy Snootles by Elsa Charretier
Sy Snootles by Elsa Charretier
Since it’s inception, the Star Wars Universe has been populated by a wide array of different species and cultures, both organic and mechanical in composition. This includes Wookiees, Sand People, Jawas, Togrutas, Ewoks, Rodians, Sullustans, Gamorreans, whatever Yoda’s race is, those ugly things with the funny shaped heads, and of course, humanoid men and women. Well, we can't forget those last two, can we? Especially the women, saying so because Chronicle Books have recently released a visual guide featuring the women of the Star Wars Universe created by the women in ours. Want to know more? Then please check this out…

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy [Hardcover]

Star Wars: Women of the GalaxyStar Wars: Women of the Galaxy

Author: Amy Ratcliffe, with a foreword written by the head of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy.
Artists: Alice X. Zhang, Amy Beth Christenson, Annie Stoll, Annie Wu, Christina Chung, Cryssy Cheung, Eli Baumgartner, Elsa Charretier, Geneva Bowers, Jennifer Aberin Johnson, Jen Bartel, Jenny Parks, Karen Hallion, Little Corvus, Sara Alfageeh, Sara Kipin, Sarah Wilkinson, Viv Tanner, and Geneva Bowers.
Format: Jacketed Hardcover.
Price: £21.99.
Page Count: 232 pages.
Size: 8x10 inches. 

Synopsis: This beautifully illustrated visual guide chronicles the origins and the adventures of 75 fascinating females who’ve featured in the Star Wars Universe, ranging from the films, the comics, the cartoons, the video games, along with the books and graphic novels. Each character has been explored through key story beats, fresh insights, and behind-the-scenes details, complemented by an all-new illustration, over 100 in total, drawn by a dynamic range of female and non-binary artists. Now some of the feisty females depicted in this book, includes...

Rose Tico by  Karen Hallion & Alice X. Zhang
Rose Tico by
Karen Hallion
Aayla Secura / Adi Gallia / Ahsoka Tano / Amilyn Holdo / Arihnda Pryce / Asajj Ventress / Aunt Z / Aurra Sing

Barriss Offee / Bazine Netal / Beru Lars / Bo-Katan Kryze / Breha Organa

Camie Marstrap / Cato Parasitti / Ciena Ree

Daughter / Depa Billaba / Derla Pidys / Doctor Chelli Aphra

Enfys Nest / Evaan Verlaine / Everi Chalis

Hera Syndulla / Iden Versio / Jas Emari / Jessika Pava / Jocasta Nu / Jyn Erso

Kaydel Ko Connix / Ketsu Onyo / Kneesaa / Kyrsta Agate

L3-37 / Lady Proxima / Larma D'Acy / Leia Organa / Lina Graf / Luminara Unduli / Lyra Erso

Mama the Hutt / Maz Kanata / Mira Bridger / Mon Mothma / Mother Talzin

Jyn Erso by Sara Kipin & Karen Hallion
Jyn Erso
by Sara Kipin
Norra Wexley / Numa / Oola

Padme Amidala / Padme's Handmaidens / Paige Tico / Phasma

Qi'ra / R2-KT / Rae Sloane / Rey / Rose Tico

Sabine Wren / Sana Starros / Satine Kryze / Seventh Sister Inquisitor / Shaak Ti / Shmi Skywalker Lars / Steela Gerrera / Sugi / Sy Snootles

Tallie Lintra / Tam Ryvora / Tonnika Sisters / Torra Doza / Trios

Ursa Wren / Val / Vi Moradi / Zam Wesell

About the Author: Amy Ratcliffe currently lives in Los Angeles and is best known for being the managing editor of the popular online magazine, Nerdist.com, as well as being a contributor to the official Star Wars website. She's also written for outlets such as Star Wars Insider and IGN, along with hosting at Star Wars Celebration plus the Lattes with Leia podcast

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Now for any more information on 'Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy', please check out the official Chronicle Books website, facebook, and twitter pages. Or better yet, why not pick up a copy on Amazon.

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