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E-Mail ManGood or bad, it’s pretty safe to say that I spend the majority of my day dealing with emails. I either compose emails, delete emails, forward emails, create templates for emails, and of course, file away emails for future reference. In fact, I deal with emails on such a regular basis, I actually think I’m starting to turn into one.

Yes, I can see myself now, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit with a bold emblematic ‘E’ stamped across my chest, while a plethora of civilians, crooks, and cronies, gaze upon my foreboding-frame with shock and awe. Well, not only shock and awe, because they can also spout catchphrases that somehow signify my more heroic tendencies. Things like, ‘Wow! I wish I could type as fast as he can!’, ‘Amazing! Did you see how powerfully he pressed that enter key?’, and, you know, other things of that nature, things which inadvertently imply that I’m some sort of superhero who specializes in email.

Email Funny
I’m not though, am I? I’m just like everyone else who lives in this world, a mere mortal who uses email for both work and play. I mean, did you know that over 280 billion emails are expected to be sent every single day of the week? Heck, in America alone, 85% of adults aged 25 and over spend there time on the internet sending or reading emails; 84% of young adults aged between 19 and 24 check their emails daily; while 78% of teenagers aged between 14 and 18 do exactly the same thing, even though they generally prefer using social media to communicate with others.

Well, according to myemma.com, this current generation tends to compose, delete, and check their emails everywhere and anywhere they go. They check their emails while watching their favorite TV shows, while lying in bed, while talking on the phone, while eating a meal, while going on vacation, and even while they’re in the bathroom doing their business. What’s more, 61% of consumers have stated that they would rather receive emails from popular brands than any other type of direct communication. Here, check out the following infographic to see more stats about email.

So there you have it, folks. The truth about email. When you’ve got the time please feel free to check out campaign monitor to see what else they can teach you about their automated electronic messaging service, otherwise known as email, plus don’t forget to subscribe to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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