Daredevil and Green ArrowThroughout the years, superheroes have been analyzed, dissected, and reinterpreted in a number of different ways. For instance, when Tim Burton made his first Batman movie, he actually picked up a comic book -- just the one -- and smelt it for its visceral properties. Although, in my opinion, I think it would have done him a lot better if he took the time to sit down and read it. Still, never mind! At least he made a comic book movie most of us were able to enjoy.

Now, if you want to know about other people's opinions on the superhero genre, then please check out the following three books published by Sequart! One examines Daredevil, the man without fear; the other explores Green Arrow; the blond without cheer, and the third is focused on the Legion of Superheroes, the team without beer. Please enjoy.

Authors: The book was edited by Ryan K. Lindsay, and comes with a foreword penned by Ralph Macchio and a cover illustrated by Alice Lynch.
Format: Paperback.
Price: $15.99.
Number of Pages: 246 pages.
Size: 6x9inches.

Synopsis: Since 1964, Daredevil has been an outsider, a paradox, a loner, a down-to-earth super-hero, a blind-man with super-powers, and the star of some of Marvel’s most celebrated stories. So with that said, please stand back, take a deep breath, and get ready for The Devil is in the Details, a book which examines Daredevil and his alter ego, Matt Murdock, from a variety of different perspectives. Whether it’s the exploration of Daredevil’s troubled love-life; his relationship with Foggy Nelson or Spider-Man; or new takes on his classic runs; this book is something that no Daredevil fan should ever be without. It also features essays written by Timothy Callahan, Jon Cormier, Julian Darius, Matt Duarte, Stéphane Guéret, Christine Hanefalk, Forrest Helvie, Manuella Hyvard, Geoff Klock, Nicolas Labarre, Ryan K. Lindsay, Vinny Murphy, Will Murray, Henry Northmore, Marie-Laure Saulnier, Kevin Thurman, and M. S. Wilson.

Authors: The book was written by Richard Gray, and comes with a foreword penned by Phil Hester and a cover illustrated by Louie Joyce.
Format: Paperback.
Price: $17.99.
Number of Pages: 340 pages.
Size: 6x9inches.

Synopsis: If you think you know Green Arrow, think again, because this book analyses the highs and lows of everyone's favorite Emerald Archer, both in the comics and on the small screen. This ranges from his Golden Age origins, the overlooked chapters of his life, and of course, the many iterations of his alter ego, Oliver Queen! Which goes to show that Green Arrow has never been just one thing, but rather a perpetually moving target. The book also features brand new interviews with Green Arrow creators from across the decades, including Neal Adams, Mike Grell, Chuck Dixon, Phil Hester, Brad Meltzer, and Jeff Lemire!

Authors: The book was edited by Timothy Callahan, and comes with a foreword by Matt Fraction, an afterword by Barry Lyga, and a cover illustrated by Kevin Colden.
Format: Paperback.
Price: $19.99.
Number of Pages: 340 pages.
Size: 6x9inches.

Synopsis:  This collection of essays examines the diverse and somewhat controversial history surrounding the Legion of Super-Heroes. This includes: (1) The science, the architecture, and the fashion made famous by the Legion; (2) How the role of women has evolved over the years -- including homosexuality and race; (3) Classic adaptations of their early adventures; (4) Teenage cruelty; (5) Their relationship with the early Justice League; (6) Whether the Legion should be allowed to age;  and (7) Commentary on such notable storylines as the Amethyst saga, the death and resurrection of Lightning Lad, the themes of the reboot Legion, as well as the so-called Threeboot’s relationship to adult adolescence and generational theory. Seriously, no Legion fan should go without this critical celebration of the team, which features essays written by Jeff Barbanell, Christopher Barbee, Richard Bensam, Jae Bryson, Timothy Callahan, Julian Darius, Sara K. Ellis, Matthew Elmslie, Scipio Garling, Greg Gildersleeve, John G. Hemry, James Kakalios, Paul Lytle, Martín A. Pérez, Lanny Rose, Chris Sims, and Alan Williams.

Now for any more information about these three books, please don't hesitate to check out Sequart on their website, facebook, and twitter pages. 


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