Theodore Roosevelt and the bearToday, many people living in the western world have grown-up owning a teddy bear. But, did you know, that one of the main reasons behind their popularity was largely due to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt? Back in 1902, he organized a camping trip to Mississippi in order to track down and kill as many native bears as possible. But then, when he arrived there and saw one savagely beaten, he suddenly had a change of heart, big-time, and decided to not take part in this type of barbaric activity anymore. Although, what makes this story even more interesting, is what then happened next!

You see, despite his chivalrous actions, a group of published cartoonists took it upon themselves to have some fun at Roosevelt’s expense. Heck, one of them even drew a sketch (see picture provided) that showed him turning his back on a very docile looking bear cub. A sketch, I hasten to add, which inspired others to further craft, alter, and shape this caricature into the teddy bear we all know and love today, albeit a slightly smaller and cuter version. Want to know more? Then please click here for a more comprehensive history of the teddy bear. Or better yet, look below for our top five favorites:

Paddington Bear
1) Paddington Bear
(Addicted To Marmalade)

Paddington Bear was created in 1958 by the prolific novelist, Michael Bond, for a series of twenty books published by ‘William Collins, Sons’ (now called ‘HarperCollins’). The first of these books featured a story entitled, “A Bear Called Paddington”, which would eventually sell over 30 million copies and introduce to the world a coat-wearing Peruvian bear who just loves eating marmalade sandwiches. 

2) Ted
(Addicted To Trouble)

Unlike all of the other cute and cuddly bears showcased on this list, Ted loves smoking weed, having sex, and pretty much anything else associated with debauchery and being bad. As a matter of fact, he’s such a loose cannon, Ted even has his own online video slot game which is available to play on the popular online casino, Clover Casino. With plenty of clips played throughout the slot game, fans can get to see all of their favorite Ted clips at the same time as being able to cash in on the progressive jackpot

Winnie the Pooh
3) Winnie the Pooh
(Just Addicted)

Winnie the Pooh was created in 1926 by the English author, A. A. Milne, for a series of stories where each of the characters would represent a different mental health disorder. Well, with some benefit of hindsight, it does seem fairly obvious that Piglet has an anxiety disorder, Eeyore has depression, Pooh has a mixture of OCD and ADHD, and as for Tigger? Uhhh! Can you guess? Or alternatively, how do you feel about this exploration of various mental health disorders and can it affect Pooh's popularity? So go on! What do you think? Hit or miss? 

4) Fozzie

Now how can I have a list of bears and not mention one of the most popular characters from The Muppet Show? I can’t, can I? Otherwise Miss Piggy will slap me across the face while Animal will play my head like the bongo drums. So, in all fairness, I have to mention Fozzie, even though he’s not funny, not smart, and smells of donuts. Still, with all that said, what he lacks in talent he more than makes up for in heart. Bless him. Wagga-Wagga-Wagga!

5) Rupert
(Addicted To Song)

Rupert the Bear was created in 1920 by the English artist, Mary Tourtel, in order to star in an ongoing comic strip published in the British newspaper, The Daily Express. Over the years this strip became increasingly popular, and eventually, some of them were collected in a series of books that was then adapted into an animated short. It was released in 1984, it was called, “Rupert and the Frog Song”, and if you click on the video clip provided, you can hear the song composed by one of the ex-Beatles. Do you love it, yeah-yeah-yeah?

So there you have it, folks. My top teddy's in show business. If you have any you'd like to suggest, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below. 

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