Sean Connery In The Fifth ElementHave you ever watched a new movie and wondered if they could have made a much better version years ago? If so, then please give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, Thud-Thud, before having a look at the following movie poster gallery designed by my pal, Sean Hartter. Trust me, he has a great way of melding together the old and the new, which produces something that is truly-truly amazing.

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Lugosi, Power, and Garland in Inception
Lugosi, Power, and Garland in 'Inception'

FILMIC FACT: Quite a few years before playing the part of Dracula in the 1930s film of the same name, Bela Lugosi played the part of Jesus Christ himself, live on stage.

Shatner and Wood in Avatar
Shatner and Wood in 'Avatar'

FILMIC FACT: Did you know that William Shatner has written his own series of comic books? Over the years, he's penned such titles as 'Man o' War', 'The Tekwar Chronicles', plus 'Quest for Tomorrow'.

Martin, Lemmon, and Lewis in The Hangover
Martin, Lemmon, and Lewis in 'The Hangover'

FILMIC FACT: From 1952 to 1971, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis starred in their own ongoing comic book series, aptly titled, 'The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis', which was published by DC Comics. Funnily enough, it lasted longer than their partnership by nine years.

Dunaway, McQueen, and Kiel in The Terminator
Dunaway, McQueen, and Kiel in 'The Terminator'

FILMIC FACT: Richard Kiel was originally cast to play the Hulk in the eighties television series. After he did his screen test, though, the producers behind the show decided to replace him with Lou Ferrigno because they thought Lou looked a lot more human and a lot less threatening.

Lee, Poitier, and Sellers in The Matrix
Lee, Poitier, and Sellers in 'The Matrix'
Marilyn Monroe In Kill Bill
Marilyn Monroe in 'Kill Bill'

FILMIC FACT: Peter Sellers and Marilyn Monroe had one thing in common. They both famously argued with Billy Wilder about the films he directed them in. For Peter, it was in the 1964 Dean Martin comedy, 'Kiss Me, Stupid', and for Marilyn, it was in the 1959 Lemmon and Curtis comedy, 'Some Like It Hot'.

Mineo and Maclaine in Cloverfield
Mineo and Maclaine in 'Cloverfield'

FILMIC FACT: Back when he was a teenage heartthrob, Disney started publishing a Sal Mineo comic book, called 'Tonka'.

Heston and Belafonte in Pulp Fiction
Heston and Belafonte in 'Pulp Fiction'

FILMIC FACT: Three biblical films starring Charlton Heston have been adapted into three individual comic books which depict his own likeness. These films include: 'Ben-Hur', 'El Cid', plus 'The Ten Commandments'.

McDowell, Mifune, Bisset, and McQueen in The Star Wars
McDowell, Mifune, Bisset, and McQueen in 'The Star Wars'

FILMIC FACT: When George Lucas originally came up with the idea behind 'Star Wars', he based its overall narrative structure on the Flash Gordon serialization of the 1930s. Ironically enough, Flash Gordon was a comic strip created by Alex Raymond, and it was made to compete with another science fiction based character, Buck Rogers. Star Trek versus Star Wars, anyone?

Hopkins, Stamp, and Caine in Trainspotting
Hopkins, Stamp, and Caine in 'Trainspotting'

FILMIC FACT: When they first started acting in the sixties, Michael 'Alfred Pennyworth' Caine and Terence 'General Zod' Stamp shared an apartment together in London. Hmmm. I wonder who made the tea?

Price, Lee, and Cushing in Ghostbusters
Price, Lee, and Cushing in 'Ghostbusters'
Leonard Nimoy in Die Hard
Leonard Nimoy in 'Die Hard'

FILMIC FACT: Vincent Price loved art so much that he even established his own museum in Los Angeles baring his name. Coincidentally, Leonard Nimoy was also an avid art-lover too. Although, in his case, his passions lay more towards photography than painting.

In closing, I would like to dedicate this article to the loving memory of the artist who provided these latter-day movie posters, Sean Hartter, as well as to thank his wife and son for allowing me to use them in this piece.  Amen, buddy. You were one of a kind. 

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