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Egghead QuizQuestion: What did Mister T say when he heard that a donkey wanted him to mount a pale-skinned lady? Answer: I pity the mule who'll try to get me on a fair-dame. Question: What did the diminutive alien say when he first discovered that he was losing his hair? Answer: ET, chrome-dome. Question: Do you like quizzes? Answer: Yes, and that's why you're going to check out the following article.

Now if like me, you enjoy partaking in a daily quiz, then stand back, take a deep breath, and get a load of this. For the meager sum of Jack-all -- yes, that does mean it's free -- you as a person, a human being, as well as a human doing, can enter an online quiz right here, right now, at comic book and movie reviews. To enter, all you've got to do is click on the banner below...

Insticator quiz

... and then join in with the rest of the internet, in this, our brand new daily Insticator quiz. As I just said, entry and registration are free, so all that's needed is for you to sign up, bookmark the page, and get ready to test your general knowledge with all and sundry. Just the other day I beat the beeswax out of Jammie-Dodger, Arthur-Sixpence, and Shirley-Temple, all because I knew more trivia than they did. So go ahead, try and test yourself against yours truly. But before you do, please keep in mind that I'm a very knowledgeable person, so you'd need to brush up on your trivia first. You know, like the trivia seen below, presented to us by...

THE BRAND NEW INSTICATOR QUIZ GAME THE BRAND NEW INSTICATOR QUIZ GAME Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on January 09, 2019 Rating: 5
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