Star Wars - PosterIf you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, like myself, then I'm sure there's come a time where you've wondered which Jedi is the strongest with the Force! Or alternately, which Sith Lord is the meanest in the entire galaxy. So, to answer these questions, amongst others, I'd like to draw your attention towards a brand new interactive guide that's so deadly, so accurate, and so bold to behold, even Darth Vader himself wanted it to rule by his side.

Entitled, 'Star Wars in Numbers', this easy to use guide presents us with a variety of facts, figures, and trivia plucked directly from every single film in the franchise, ranging from episodes one to eight in the Skywalker saga, alongside the two standalone stories, Solo and Rogue One. Well, what it manages to do, is to compare each film with 23 different relevant categories in order to produce a comprehensive set of statistics. Now some of the categories featured, include: (1) Who's the director? (2) How much money did it make at the box office? (3) How many droids, aliens, vehicles, and planets were featured per film? (4) What was the duration of the opening crawl? (5) Who lived and who died? And (6) Behind-the-scenes trivia plus much, much more!

What now follows is an example of some of the Star Wars related facts you'll be able to discover.

Star Wars - Franchise
1) Anakin Skywalker is the deadliest character in the Star Wars Universe because he's killed three Dark Side users and eight members of the Jedi. He's also the strongest Force user as well, claiming forty-eight of the one hundred and eighty-five total Force abilities across each film. 

2) The bloodiest film in the series is 'Episode III: Revenge of the Sith', because it killed off fifteen members of the Jedi and two followers of the Dark Side.

3) As many of us know, Chewbacca plays a pivotal part in the Star Wars story. But what we may sometimes forget, is that he's also responsible for killing four Dark Side followers, which makes him the joint second deadliest character alongside Palpatine.

4) In total, there are 260 aliens, 118 droid models, and 184 vehicles featured throughout the franchise.

Star Wars - Chewbacca
5) The most lucrative film in the series is 'Episode VII: The Force Awakens', which managed to make over a billion dollars at the box office. Coincidentally, it's also the film with the longest opening crawl.

Now to see which of the Star Wars films were able to fly high, sink low, or choke on its own aspirations, please check out 'Star Wars in Numbers' (embedded below). After all, it's jam-packed with information and statistics about that damn pesky galaxy far, far away. Or alternatively, click here to load it up in a new window. Please enjoy.

In closing, I'd like to thank 'Star Wars in Numbers' for allowing me to use their resources in this article. May the Force be with you, my friends. Nannoo-Nannoo!

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