Adam SandlerNo matter what your opinions are on today’s Adam Sandler, you can’t help but admit that he was a cultural icon during the 1990s. After all, he wrote and starred in several very popular movies (many produced by Heather Parry), which have since gone on to become classic comedies and fan favorites. What now follows are the top four Adam Sandler films from the early to late nineties. 

1) Billy Madison

If your father was a rich billionaire with the world at his feet, how would you try to prove yourself to be a worthy successor? I mean, would you get yourself a proper job? Would you try to support a moral cause? Or would you do something stupid? Like going back to your old elementary school and working your way up through 12th grade! Well, that's precisely what Adam Sandler's character does in this film, 'Billy Madison', because he feels the need to show his Dad that he isn't a total klutz! Can he do this though? Can Billy journey through elementary school without annoying anyone along the way? Sure he can, allegedly, which is why a lot of people think that this is Sandler’s best film.

2) The Wedding Singer

Surreal, bizarre humor is nowhere to be found in this sweet romance between Adam and a lovable Drew Barrymore. Set in the 80s, Drew plays a waitress called Julia, Julia Sullivan, who finds herself trapped in a dead-end job and an unhappy relationship. After a while, though, she suddenly falls in love with her coworker, Robbie Hart, as played by Adam, who's a broken-hearted wedding singer that's as nutty as a peanut allergy. Billy Idol also has a quick cameo for an extra touch of class.  

3) The Waterboy

In 'The Waterboy', Adam Sandler plays Bobby Boucher, who's a simple yet kindhearted hillbilly that ends up getting hired to play linebacker for a local college football team. It may sound silly, I know, but then again, this is a very silly sports comedy. In fact, it's so silly, that you'll wet your pants with laughter (as well as water). A notable mention should also go out to Adam's two distinguished costars: Kathy Bates, who plays his overprotective mama; plus Henry Winkler, who plays his slightly deluded coach, Coach Klein.

4) Happy Gilmore

If there was one thing early Adam Sandler movies thrived on, it was the belief that the impossible was possible. Case in point: Picture a foul-mouthed hockey player with a rage problem who finds success as a golfer, thus attracting a more colorful audience to this prestigious “gentleman’s” sport. Overall, this film is a funny film, a really funny film, and it features antics like breaking beer bottles at a white-collar lounge, knocking a man’s wooden hand into oncoming traffic, and yes, a fistfight with Bob Barker. So laugh, God damn you, laugh! Otherwise, I'm going to come to your house and kick the living... uh...

The original king of goofball comedy might have fallen down a trench in more recent years, but his 90s hits will always be golden. So ignore the misses and focus on the hits.

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