There once was an angry lady, who had plans that were slightly shady. But then, one night, she had, a fight, and ended up having a baby. Want to know more? Then please ignore the following adventure created by Scott Lobdell, Pete Woods, Rex Lokus, and published by DC Comics in July, 2019.

TO QUOTE Stephen Breyer:It doesn't help to fight crime and put people in prison who are innocent.

Out of the following three candidates, can you guess which lovely lady attacks Jason Todd upon his arrival back in Gotham City? I mean, does he fight: (A) Isabel, the stewardess, because she has to fly off for work. (B) Essence, the heiress of the All-Caste, because she believes Jason will turn bad. Or is it (C) Suzie Su, the head of security, because he calls her a fat cow.

So, what do you think? Is it option A, B, or C? And which person will come out on top? Either way,  make a choice, take a stand, and don't forget to pick up issue 35 of Red Hood: Outlaw today. In the meantime though, here, have a look at this…

First and foremost, please allow me to begin by congratulating Scott Lobdell for creating an interesting story that mixes together three very important elements: intense action, self-reflective character development, and a possible precursor relating to where Jason may be heading next. Personally, I preferred reading the reflective part of the plot because it gave us some much-needed insight into Jason’s actions since he started to go solo. In this context, his brief conversation with Isabel was a fun, thoughtful, and enlightening read, as it showed us a side to his personality that isn’t always featured within the DCU. Namely, his vulnerable side.

Isabel, on the other hand, also had her charms, because she managed to humanize Jason in a way that no other character has successfully achieved in the past. Seriously, folks, she came across as Jason’s perfect foil, and in all honesty, I sincerely hope she becomes a regular member of the supporting cast from this moment onwards.

Similarly, Jason’s encounter with Essence was likewise in vogue. Although, in their case, it was his final words to her which stood out from the crowd, wink-wink, and I'm sure will become a point of reference for every fan of Jason from now on.

Now, where the visuals are concerned, once again, I must applaud Pete Woods for producing some seriously good-looking artwork. Not only does he consistently draw breathtaking backgrounds, landscapes, and scenery (such as his beautiful rendition of Gotham City’s skyline), but in addition to this, he also choreographed one of the best fight-scenes featured in this series so far (The one between Jason and you know who).

Although, having said that, Pete’s art wouldn't be the same without Rex Lokus’ beautiful color palette. After all, Rex was able to appropriately light each scene to perfectly fit the mood it wanted to convey, ranging from the cold-white-light, emanating off of the buildings, to the warm-yellow-glow, reflected in the pier. So, all in all, this was Rex’s best work yet.

For this month’s musical match-up, I’m going to select the Depeche Mode song, 'Policy of Truth', because it looks like Jason’s lies are starting to take their toll on his relationships.

Some of Jason’s actions in this issue made me think of a street magician using Sleight of Hand to surprise and deceive their audience. Well, just like a magician would use misdirection to make their audience see what he wants them to see, Jason uses his wits to make everyone around him see just what he wants them to see. Hiding from everyone his true intentions.

From the looks of it, the current creative team is ready to end the Prince of Gotham saga by delivering one of their best works yet. Well, alliances are tested, adversaries come forward, and Jason is forced to use all of his skills and knowledge to avoid being caught in the crossfire. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up this issue! Or else you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

*** This review was brought to you by Adan, Comic Lad Extraordinaire.

RED HOOD: OUTLAW #35 RED HOOD: OUTLAW #35 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 04, 2019 Rating: 5

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