There once was a very mean Dad, whose attitude was perversely mad. But then, by mistake, he baked, a cake, and ended up becoming quite rad. Want to know more? Then please ignore the following adventure created by Adam Glass, Bernard Chang, and published by DC Comics in July, 2019.

TO QUOTE Daniel Craig:Revenge doesn't stop’.

Last month, Lobo savagely attacked the Teen Titans in order to fulfill his contract with The Other. So this month, let's see if you can guess how they're going to retaliate? I mean, do they: (A) Do nothing. (B) Play with their phones. Or (C) Get their revenge, keeping in mind that Lobo almost killed his daughter Crush during their initial confrontation.

Well, if you want to know what happens next, it's seconds out, Ding-Ding, round two, and time for you to pick up issue 32 of the Teen Titans! In the meantime though, here, check this out. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this month’s episode because it was nicely illustrated and everything made sense within the confines of this particular narrative. In many ways, it kind of reminded me of an interlude of sorts, or even a bridge, that smartly transported the team from their fight with Deathstroke and then placed them right next to this current saga, the ‘Year of the Villain’ saga. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you! If anything, this two-part adventure actually threw up some rather interesting questions that I’m sure most of us would like to have answered. In fact, I think I will answer them, right now, with the following four questions listed below.  

1) Did this issue end on a high note?  Personally, I like to think it did, largely due to the progressive way each scene flowed from page, to page, to page, in order to achieve its main objective: namely, for the team to defeat Lobo. Well, unlike last month’s adventure, this month, they were ready, willing, and able to formulate and execute a straightforward plan, starting off with a full-on assault before progressing with smaller and less focused attacks. Although, if I did have one thing to complain about, that would be how Crush deliberately delayed using her huge semi-sentient chain, the Obelus, which most of us knew would finally save the day. Apart from that, though, everything looked good and everything made sense, plus I was particularly pleased with how a decent amount of personality was integrated into each scene without being too obstructive.

2) Did Bernard Chang do anything new with his artwork?  Yes, I like to think he did, up to a point. You see, Bernard is a highly stylized artist and he usually prefers to construct his illustrations in a rather Art Deco fashion, ranging from sculpted panels, double-page spreads, and larger than life visuals that are bold, expressive, and very nuanced in tone. But, during this month's episode, he decided to change things slightly. Not too much, mind you, because things were still very vivid and strong on the page! But in addition to this, they’re also very messy too, as if to illustrate the messy and bloody nature of the overall fight. In fact, some of Bernard's scenes were so messy, they kind of reminded me of a bloodbath depicted in a Quentin Tarantino movie, such as Kill Bill or Django Unchained, which goes to show that he’s always willing to do something new in the name of art. Lovely!

3) Was there any room for character development?  To some degree, I like to think there was; because when this episode began, the first seven pages established what happened last month, what’s going to happen this month, and what some of the characters feel about their current situation. Robin, for instance, shared a scene with Djinn so they could both discuss the team's main objectives (defeat Lobo) along with what her feelings are towards Robin’s secret prison. Whereas Roundhouse, on the other hand, spent some time talking to Kid Flash about his affections for the team.  And as for Red Arrow and Crush?  Well, in their case, they laid down the groundwork and established the setting for the battle ahead. So, more or less, most of the bases were covered, and it was nice to see the team talking to each other instead of fighting each other. 

4) Who's Crush’s Mum? The one thing that wasn’t resolved in this adventure was the real identity of Crush’s mother! But then again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not when we can now try to figure out what type of woman would want to sleep with Lobo and have his child! I mean, seriously? Who would want to do such a thing? A crazy woman? A sensible woman? Or how about someone that’s very much like the main man himself? Like a New God, for instance, or even another super-powered alien from a faraway planet, such as a Durlan, a White Martian, or dare I say it, a Kryptonian that’s somehow related to Superman! Although, on second thoughts, what we also have to consider is that this mysterious woman must know something about weaponry because she purposely made sure that her child had the Obelus to keep her safe. So, who do you think it is? Someone who currently exists within the DCU or is it someone new?  Either way, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

So in conclusion, on the whole, I would just like to say that this episode of the Teen Titans was a pretty nifty read as it was nicely illustrated, easy to follow, and smart enough to carve out the road ahead. It was a class act all round.

For this month’s musical match-up, I’m going to align this adventure with the Pink song, ‘Family Portrait’, because they’re both about broken families. 

Have you ever heard of primal scream therapy? If not, then please allow me to say that it’s a form of expression that allows people to vent their innermost feelings in a fairly overt and vocal fashion. Similar, in fact, to what happened in this very episode, wink-wink! Therefore,  comparison made, and don’t forget to, AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAA! 

At the end of this issue, Lobo is approached by a mysterious figure who attempts to win his favor. So, out of the following eight candidates, let’s see if you can guess who this person is and what they try to offer him? I mean, could it be…

  1. Green Lantern: Who wants to give him a power ring!
  2. Vril Dox:  Who wants to recruit him into the LEGION!
  3. Kevin Feige: Who wants him to star in the next Marvel movie!
  4. Gene Simmons:  Who wants him to form an intergalactic version of KISS!
  5. Lex Luthor: Who wants to increase his abilities in the name of doom!
  6. Robin: Who wants him to join the Teen Titans! 
  7. Tom Cruise: Who wants him to become a Scientologist. 
  8. Wonder Woman: Who wants him to jiggy-jiggy boom-boom. 

Nuff said.

TEEN TITANS #32 TEEN TITANS #32 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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