Darth Vader ShoppingA long long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there lived a fan, a fairly frivolous fan, who wanted to buy some products based on his favorite series of films. Or to be more specific about it, the Star Wars series of films. Want to know more? Then please check out the following list that examines five fairly popular Star Wars novelty items now on sale.

Dark Side Light Side Light Switch Vinyl Decal Sticker
5) Dark Side Light Side Light Switch Vinyl Decal Sticker

Price: £2.49
Size: 9.9x2.8cm
Material: Vinyl
Company: JustStickers

Why it’s worth checking out: If you think about it, the entire Star Wars universe can be defined by a simple light switch. Well, when the light is turned on, people can see what they’re doing and order is relatively restored. But when the light is turned off, nobody knows what the f*ck is going on and people get scared. So, what better way of illustrating this point -- Star Wars style -- than with an easy to apply sticker that’s both yin and yang to the light and dark.

Glass Stormtrooper Decanter
4) Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

Price: £16.71
Size: 14.5x18x11.3cm (750ml capacity)
Material: Glass (948g weight)
Company: Thumbs Up

Why it’s worth checking out: Have you ever wondered why a fair portion of Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight? I have, quite recently in fact, and eventually, came up with three fairly reasonable explanations. Firstly, they lack discipline and can sometimes make mistakes. Secondly, their aim is notably hindered by their large and heavy helmets. And thirdly, they're all perpetually pissed, especially when they drink from the aforementioned decanter, which is elegantly designed, nice to look at, and does its job far better than a Stormtrooper.

Star Wars I Love You And I Know Couple Ring Set
3) 'I Love You' And 'I Know' Couple Ring Set

Price: £36.99
Size: 5.8x4.3x5.8cm
Material: Stainless Steel (22.7g weight)
Company: Star Wars / Disney

Why it’s worth checking out: Near the end of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, we're presented with a very dramatic scene which features Darth Vader dipping Han Solo into a vat of liquid carbonite. But just before he manages to do this, Princess Leia turns to Han and says to him, ‘I love you’, only for Han to then reply, ‘I know’. Thus illustrating that smugglers aren’t romantic, polite, or considerate, but they are brave, stoic, and very, very memorable. So memorable, in fact, that I smiled like a loon when I saw these two bright, shiny rings, ideal for any Star Wars fan who gets the reference and has a partner!

Limited Edition Duo Eau de Parfum Gift Set
2) Limited Edition Duo Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Price: £15.49
Size: 10x18x12.5cm (2 x 50ml capacity)
Material: Glass (4.54g weight)
Company: KeepMe

Why it’s worth checking out: Do you think Darth Vader farts inside his body armor? I mean, he has to let rip sometimes, otherwise, he may combust, or at the very least, have a difficult time sitting down! Either way, I’m sure that the smell of the Dark Side is extremely noticeable and comes in a variety of different odors. Some good, some bad, and some packaged alongside their lighter-toned counterparts. Sniff-Sniff! Can you smell almonds?

Chewbacca Arm Meta Merch Mug
1) Chewbacca Arm Meta Merch Mug

Price: £12.99
Size: 11x13.8x8.5cm (340ml capacity)
Material: Ceramic (499g weight)
Company: Exquisite Gaming

Why it’s worth checking out: Every morning I wake up and make myself a cup of coffee in my favorite mug. Or to be more specific about it, this Chewbacca mug, which was given to me by my nearest and dearest, after I spent a whole day making silly Wookiee noises with my mouth. Well, I think it was a Wookiee, as I got a bit tipsy, drinking from my Stormtrooper decanter. Although, in my defense, I did accidentally drink a bottle of Eau de Parfum beforehand, which caused me to play about with the light switch and drop my two rings. Still, never mind, eh? At least the coffee tastes good. Cheers!

So, there you have it, folks. Five fairly popular Star Wars novelty items now available for you to buy. Please feel free to click on the links provided for further information, or alternatively, check out the Amazon Star Wars shop to see what else they might have in store. 

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