Staying Alive CaricatureAccording to the well-known Italian filmmaker, Sergio Leone, a movie is sixty percent visual and forty percent sound, keeping in mind that he shot most of his Spaghetti Westerns without any sound and laid in the acoustics afterwards. Theoretically, this two-step technique gave Sergio complete control over everything we heard on screen, ranging from what the actors said, how they said it, as well as any musical accompaniments inserted into the background, such as special effects, nuanced noises, and superb soundtracks. After all, you can't beat listening to a great musical soundtrack, especially when you take into consideration that they can often make or break a movie. 

Well, let's face it, we are a world full of film fanatics and we just love listening to songs that make us feel happy, sad, or emotional inside. In fact, we love listening to cinematic songs so much, that sometimes it can be pretty difficult to select which one we enjoy the most! I mean, seriously, which one is better? Celine Dion’s titanic tune, 'My Heart Will Go On'? Whitney Houston's bodacious ballad, 'I Will Always Love You'? Or how about that song that goes, 'boom-bang-bing, ding-dang-dong, oh, yeah, baby, yeah', as performed by those kids who look ill. And no, I'm not referring to Survivor's rocking rendition of 'Eye Of The Tiger'!

In any event, it doesn't really matter which song I think is the best, because thanks to the ICMP, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, we can now find out what the general public thinks. Well, at the end of August, 2019, they joined forces with Spotify in order to count, compile, and double-check how often certain cinematic songs were being played using their service, only to discover what piece of movie-related-music the world loves the most! So, without any further ado, here, check out the following infographic the ICMP made to see what they've discovered. Or alternatively, click here to read their accompanying article. Please enjoy.


So, what did you think of that, folks? Did you agree with the ICMP's selection? And if not, what is your favorite song from cinema? Personally, I'm a big fan of composers like Ennio Morricone (The Dollars Trilogy) and John Williams (The Star Wars Franchise), although I don't mind listening to more contemporary music if it fits the tone and the aesthetics of the film it's featured in. Either way, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and don't forget to check out the ICMP's official website, facebook, and twitter pages.

In closing, I'd like to thank the ICMP for allowing me to use their resources in this article. 

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