HelloHello, folks. My name‘s Rosie, Rosie Devaney, and I’m a freelance artist who was born in Birmingham but currently live in Ireland. Academically, I studied Graphic Design at WIT and Game Design at BCFE, before I moved on and worked for a number of media-related companies, such as Garter Lane, Pensive Games, Blimmer, Theatre Royal, and Kerslake Coaches, all of which kind of brings me up to where I am today. An obsessive creative who’s always doing something new, whether it‘s working on my next game, drawing my next illustration, or writing my next article. Here, check out some of my samples below for a quick demonstration.

Falling Apart / Feeling Fresh

Falling Apart / Feeling Fresh

The Last Flower / Castle Clod

The Last Flower / Castle Clod 

Anxiety Inc

Anxiety Inc.

Socius / A Witches Soul

Socius / A Witch's Soul 

Where is Alice? / King Automaton

Where is Alice? / King Automaton 



If you’d like to know more, then please feel free to contact me via my official Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Many thanks.

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