DAREDEVIL #14 & #15

There once was a detective called Cole, who had a soul that went for a stroll. So to quickly get it back. He gave himself a slap. Without damaging his overgrown mole. Want to know more? Then please ignore the following adventure created by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, and published by Marvel Comics in January, 2020.

TO QUOTE Ninja:I have an amazing partnership with Red Bull’.

I’m afraid to say that a dark cloud of uncertainty is currently hovering over New York City, and from the looks of it, it’s affecting everybody it comes into contact with. This includes Detective Cole North, who’s uncertain if he should team-up with Matt Murdock because he doesn't know if they can stop a gang war that’s erupting throughout Hell's Kitchen; as well as Wilson Fisk, who’s uncertain if he should meet-up with The Stromwyn Family as they’ve blocked his plans to manufacture legal marijuana.

So, what can they do to overcome their doubts? How can Cole, Matt, and Wilson ignore their concerns and resolve their dilemmas as soon as possible? I mean, do they fight back? Do they play dead? Or do they think outside the box and hope for the best? Well, to find out, please pick up issues 14 and 15 of Daredevil today. In the meantime, though, here, please have a look at this…

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these two episodes of Daredevil because Marco Checchetto’s artwork was bold, clean, and very atmospheric, whereas Chip Zdarsky’s storyline did a pretty good job at asking and answering a number of very appropriate questions. Or to be more specific about it, these questions...

1) Will Detective Cole North agree to help Matt subdue the gang war that’s happening in Hell's Kitchen? Yeah, I’m sure he will, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to comply with all of Matt’s demands. After all, Cole is a very moral character — too moral, some might say — mainly because of what happened to him in Chicago, when he accidentally wounded an innocent teenager and was charged, reprimanded, and sent to where he is today. A corrupt city that’s constantly in a state of turmoil! So much turmoil, in fact, that he doesn’t know which way to turn! Not yet, anyway. But I’m sure he will find his footing sooner or later, with a little help, hint-hint!

2) While we’re talking about NYC, do you think it’s a good idea for The Libris Crime Family to join forces with Hammerhead’s crew?  Well, if truth be told, I’m not entirely sure if their partnership is a good thing or not. On the one hand, both gangs have a common enemy they want to take down. Namely, The Owl and his henchmen. While on the other, the two of them seem to have a somewhat timorous relationship, to say the least, which could hopefully resolve the current gang war, or else, make it a lot more lively! Now which way their conflict will shift is anyone’s guess. Although, I do have a sneaking suspicion that things are only going to escalate from here on in. Escalate a lot. 

3) OK. So taking all of this into account, why doesn’t Mindy want to leave Hell's Kitchen? Personally, I think it’s because she’s a stubborn cow who doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Well, not only was she daft enough to marry into a family of thieves, but in addition to this, she was crazy enough to have an affair with someone who was once a lawyer. So, with all due respect, I’d say that Mindy is a pretty mixed up individual who needs to put her priorities in order. Specifically, her child’s welfare, which I’m happy to say, has finally taken precedence over her chequered love life ... for now.

4) Do you think Wilson will get over his meeting with The Stromwyn Family? No, I don’t think he will, but only because the poor sod was beaten by their armed guards and had his plans disrupted by a hoard of protesters they put in place. Plans that included the manufacture of legal marijuana on a plot of land he recently purchased. So, in retaliation to this, I highly suspect that Wilson’s next move will be one of the following three options. Option One: He will reluctantly bow down to their might and hope for the best (no chance). Option Two: He will fight back and destroy their vast empire (difficult, but possible). Or Option Three: He will team-up with Daredevil as they now have one thing in common. A common enemy that’s rich, powerful, and very, very nasty (fingers crossed).

5) Go on! Elaborate further! Well, halfway through issue 15, we were presented with a really great scene where Matt joins forces with Elektra in order to find out why Governor Kettle is allowing a gang war to erupt in Hell's Kitchen. And through this, they both discover that The Stromwyn Family is funding Kettle and the police force for reasons that haven’t yet been revealed. So, what could they be? Why would The Stromwyn Family want to destroy a section of New York City along with its current mayor? (Aside from the fact that Wilson has killed one of their friends!) Is it for financial reasons, perhaps? Personal reasons? Or something completely different? Either way, I have to say that the future of this series is looking very promising indeed, that’s for sure, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. At a rough guess, I think Cole, Wilson, Elektra, and Matt, will form a bond so they can take down these rich f*ckers, Quinn and Una. Or alternatively, they will fight each other until everything goes boom-boom-boom. In any event, all in all, these two books were a pleasure to read, as they were nicely told (come on, Cole), very suspenseful (you've got to love, Elektra), and fairly emotional (poor, Wilson). Good job.

For this month’s musical match-up, I’m going to align this adventure with the hit song by War, ‘Why Can’t we be Friends’, because in many ways, they’re both about two parties joining forces and forming a union. 

Well, because these two episodes feature a lot of team-ups between friend and foe alike, I think it’s only right that I compare them to the ultimate team-up book published by Marvel.

Say no more.

At the end of issue 15, we're presented with two scenes that were both rather shocking and surprising to read! So, out of the following eight scenarios, let’s see if you can guess which two are true and which six are false? Scenarios that feature...

  1. Matt sitting on a toilet with constipation.
  2. Elektra performing a striptease in the middle of a convent.
  3. Wilson going to a health food shop and buying a carrot.
  4. Foggy punching Matt in the face and calling him a dick!
  5. Wilson being thrown out of a tall office building and hitting the ground below.
  6. Matt dying of thrush.
  7. Foggy becoming an Avenger.
  8. Matt and Elektra making love on the hood of a car.

Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #14 & #15 DAREDEVIL #14 & #15 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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