Pablo The Gorilla - CoverOn the 18th of July, 2019, I was lucky enough to speak to Don Nguyen about his amazing comic book, ‘Pablo the Gorilla’, which tells the tale of an albino cybernetic gorilla who delivers pizzas for a living. Now if you want to know more, then please feel free to click here to check out our conversation. Or alternatively, have a look at the following five-page preview kindly given to us by the main man himself. Please enjoy.

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Pablo The Gorilla - 1

 Pablo The Gorilla - 2

Pablo The Gorilla - 3

Pablo The Gorilla - 4

Pablo The Gorilla - 5

To see what happens next, please feel free to check out Don’s official website, facebook, twitter, and instagram pages. Or better yet, why not pay Don a visit during the 2020 convention season? Where he'll be attending San Diego Comic-Con, Rose City Comic Con, FanX Salt Lake Comic Con, Baltimore Comic-Con, and HeroesCon.

PABLO THE GORILLA - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW PABLO THE GORILLA - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW Reviewed by David Andrews on January 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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