Disney Behind BarsOver the years, Disney has introduced us to a wide variety of despicable villains that range from swashbuckling pirates, to evil queens, to wicked witches, to powerful gods. But have you ever wondered which of these bad-boys and loathsome-ladies are the worst of them all? If so, then please check out the following top ten list created by MusicMagpie, which reveals how long the most depraved Disney villains should spend in prison for their crimes.

Lady Tremaine
10) Lady Tremaine
Cinderella (1950)

Child Cruelty: 6 Years
False Imprisonment: 5 Years
Destruction of Royal Property: 1 Year

Summary: Now, of all the nicknames Cinderella could’ve given Lady Tremaine, I’d say ‘wicked stepmother’ was a fairly tame one when you consider everything she's done to her throughout the years. This includes locking Cinderella up in the attic, forcing her into a life of servitude, and preventing her from finding the man of her dreams. Seriously, what a bitch!

Cruella De Vil
9) Cruella De Vil
101 Dalmatians (1961)

Cruelty to Animals: 5 Years
Dognapping: 7 Years
Dangerous Driving: 2 Years

Summary: Even though the words ‘cruel’ and ‘devil’ are in her name, you might like to know that Cruella de Vil isn’t completely cruel or an actual devil. In fact, she's an addict, a fur coat addict, who's willing to kidnap, kill, and skin every adorable puppy for the sake of her winter wardrobe. Tut-Tut-Tut!

The Evil Queen
8) The Evil Queen
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

False Imprisonment: 5 Years
Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Abuse of Power: 7 Years

Summary: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the vainest of them all? Is it The Evil Queen? (a.k.a. Ms. Frigid) Or is it Snow White? (a.k.a. The Dwarf Lover) Either way, you should never seek validation for your cosmetic appearance by speaking to a magical mirror. Otherwise, you will turn mad and try to kill everyone with symmetrical features.

Prince John
7) Prince John
Robin Hood (1973)

Treason: 15 Years
Abuse of Power: 7 Years
Assault: 1 Year

Summary: If you think things are bad between Prince Harry and Prince William, think again, because in this instance, we have two members of the same royal household who don’t like each other at all. One of them is called John, Prince John, and he shows his disdain by tricking his brother Richard into leaving England so he can assume his throne. Whereas the other one is called Richard, King Richard, who doesn’t like the idea that his brother John is a greedy git who steals from the poor and gives to himself. Well, that’s until he meets the outlaw, Robin Hood.

6) Gaston
Beauty and the Beast (1981)

Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Bribery: 5 Years
Blackmail: 5 Years
Breaking and Entering: 3 Years
False Imprisonment: 5 Years
Incitement to Riot: 7 Years

Summary: Now, if you were in Belle‘s shoes, who would you prefer to spend some time with, out of Gaston and The Beast? Would it be The Beast? As he’s tall, muscular, and nice to stroke and tickle. Or would it be Gaston? Even though he's a thief, a blackmailer, and not very good at handling rejection. Personally, I know which one I would choose, and it isn’t the d#ckhead who smells of garlic.

5) Jafar
Aladdin (1992)

Treason: 15 Years
Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Kidnapping: 12 Years
Abuse of Power: 7 Years
Theft: 3 Years

Summary: Can someone please explain to me why certain people get confused between Jafar and Jaffa Cakes? I mean, one is a horse-faced loon who uses his magical staff to hypnotize and manipulate the Sultan. While the other is a biscuit, a chocolate and orange biscuit, which is manufactured by McVitie's and nothing like the aforementioned Grand Vizier.

4) Scar
The Lion King (1994)

Regicide: 15 Years
Treason: 15 Years
Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Child Endangerment: 7 Years
Assault: 1 Year

Summary: Just like Prince John and all of the other conniving creeps I’ve mentioned before, Scar is a sinister sod who has dreams of taking over his brother's throne and blah-blah-blah, etc-etc-etc. Although, in Scar's case, he does manage to dispose of his brother but not his nephew, Simba, who one day gets his revenge with some help from his friends.

3) Ursula
The Little Mermaid (1989)

Treason: 15 Years
Fraud: 5 Years
Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Murder: 15 Years
False Imprisonment: 5 Years

Summary: Do you know what the difference is between Ursula and a politician? Well, one likes to trick children and overthrow whoever is currently in a position of power. While the other likes to do the same thing... but sings. Ariel and King Triton, please beware, behave, beehive, and be careful.

Captain Hook
2) Captain Hook
Peter Pan (1953)

Piracy: 16 Years
Attempted Murder: 10 Years
Murder: 15 Years
Kidnapping: 12 Years

Summary: Captain Hook is a pirate, and as such, you kind of expect him to be a cold-hearted thief who loves stealing, fighting, and sailing the seven seas. Having said that, though, you don’t really expect him to be obsessed with killing small children. Most notably, Peter Pan, who's bad at aging but good at cutting off people’s hands.

1) Hades
Hercules (1997)

Treason: 15 Years
Attempted Regicide: 10 Years
Kidnapping: 12 Years
Child Endangerment: 7 Years
False Imprisonment: 5 Years
Abuse of Power: 7 Years

Summary: Well, let’s face it, he’s the god of death and lord of the underworld, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to see Hades at the top of this list! After all, he has terrorized the people of Greece for god knows how long, and between me and you, I don’t think he’s a big fan of Hercules either! The one person who can defeat him.

Disney Prison Wall

In closing, I'd like to thank MusicMagpie for allowing me to use some of their stats in this article, before encouraging you to check out their website, facebook, and twitter pages. 

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