Dasha - PhotographyThroughout the years, I've been able to meet, see, and speak to a large variety of gifted photographers who mainly focus on a particular field of interest, ranging from cosplay photography all the way to standard portraitures. But now, for the first time ever, I've been able to meet a photographer of another kind. Her name is Dasha, she lives in Belarus, and she specializes in taking pictures of fine art. Want to know more? Then please allow me to introduce you to the lady in question...

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Dasha first ventured into this field when she studied at her local academy and obtained an M.A. in 'Fine Art', specializing in Concept Art, Fine Art, Fashion, and Professional Retouching (the last of which she does all by herself). Then after graduation, she jump-started her career by winning a series of competitions which resulted in her stylish photographs being published, care of the IPA (Los Angeles), PX3 (Paris), and MIFA (Moscow).

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Since 2016, Dasha has exhibited her work in a variety of different places all across the globe. In her hometown of Belarus, for instance, she's had exhibits in Marco City (Vitebsk), The Modern Art Museum (Minsk), and the Gallery Stena (Vitebsk), while abroad, her work has been showcased in the House of Lucie (Thailand), 'This is America' (The United States), and the Photo Center of Gogolevsky (Russia), amongst others.

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To keep up-to-date in her chosen field, Dasha has joined three organizations associated with the industry, such as the Federation of European Photographers, the Belarus Union of Designers, and the National Association of Professional Photographers. She's also won quite a few awards as well, mainly in the fields of Fashion (IPA), Fine Art (PX3), Beauty (ND), and Advertising (MIFA). A month ago, the Federation of European Photographers announced that Dasha had also won the award for the Best European Photographer of the year, 2020.

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Dasha is currently engaged in several major projects for both the corporate and private sectors. Projects that involve restaurants, salons, expositions, portraitures, and modern photography. She’s also going to be the only artist to work at Expo Dubai, 2021, held at The National Pavilion (Belarus). Now for any more information, please feel free to check out her official Website, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.

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