London ArtNot so long ago, our mates over at Bankrate decided to figure out what are the most expensive properties featured on TV. British TV, to be more precise, simply because this mortgage company is based in the UK and has the right amount of knowledge to calculate, assess, and estimate how much certain places currently cost. Want to know more? Then please check out the following top-ten list they kindly allowed me to share...

The Big Brother House
1) The Big Brother House

Claim To Fame: It has predominantly been shown throughout the well-known reality show, 'Big Brother'. 
Location: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.
Description: Even though this house was demolished in 2019, it still remains one of the most popular properties seen on British TV. Not only because it was designed to encompass modernism and functionality (two attributes that continue to be a big hit with homeowners today), but in addition to this, it's also located in a pretty decent area, Borehamwood, which boasts great transport links to London and provides fairly solid business opportunities nearby.
Current Value: £4.5 million.

The Mews House
2) The Mews House

Claim To Fame: It can be seen on the British rom-com, 'Love Actually'.
Location: Notting Hill, London. 
Description: This spacious bright pink property is located in a pleasant part of West London and is perfect for singletonscouples, or small families, just starting out. The area is also very trendy and boasts a vast array of shopspubs, and other attractions for the nouveau riche
Current Value: £3 million.

The Love Island Villa
3) The Love Island Villa

Claim To Fame: Similar to the 'Big Brother House', this large property is predominantly featured on a popular reality show that shares its name... 'Love Island'.
Location: Majorca, Spain.
Description: This secluded property is incredibly stylish and boasts 5 bedrooms, a large swimming pool, and a spacious decking area. It's also very luxurious and includes a number of fixtures and fittings you don't usually find in a conventional home, such as a very grand-looking kitchen and state-of-the-art bathrooms
Current Value: £2.5 million.

The Stubbs’ Residence
4) The Stubbs’ Residence

Claim To Fame: It's the home of Sharon, Dorien, and Tracey from the popular British sitcom, 'Birds of a Feather'.
Location: Chigwell, Essex.
Description: This suburban residence is a detached family home that's situated in a very desirable location for celebrities and footballers alike. It's also very close to Epping Forest and has very reliable transport links to London, so houses in this area are priced at a premium, with experts predicting valuations to continue rising year on year.
Current Value: £2.5 million.

221B, Baker Street
5) 221B, Baker Street 

Claim To Fame: It's best known for being Sherlock Holmes's main HQ.
Location: Baker Street, London.
Description: This upmarket apartment has a traditional appearance, both inside and out, and is steeped in Victorian history and elegance. It also provides fairly good access for traveling around London so people can see the sights.
Current Value: £2 million.

8, Bedale Street
6) 8, Bedale Street

Claim To Fame: It's Bridget Jones’s home. Yes. That Bridget Jones.
Location: Borough Market, London. 
Description: This modern-looking flat is located above the 'Globe Pub', and just perfect for any young executive who wants to get on the property ladder. It's also a great location for people who like to travel around the city in order to see what the nation's capital has on offer. 
Current Value: £1 million.

The Vicar of Dibley
7) The Living Quarters Attached to St. Barnabus Church

Claim To Fame: It's where Geraldine Granger lives whenever she appears on the British sitcom, 'The Vicar of Dibley'. 
Location: Turville, Buckinghamshire
DescriptionThis three-bedroom house is an excellent home for bringing up a young family because it offers a traditional design and layout, both internally and externally, and comes complete with a garage, a pantry room, and a reception area. It's also located in a nice part of Buckinghamshire, so is ideal for those people who embrace the village lifestyle
Current Value: £650,000

Mandela House
8) A Flat on the 12th Floor of Mandela House. 

Claim To Fame: It's the home of The Trotter Family. Otherwise known as those duckers and divers who appear on the much-loved British sitcom, 'Only Fools and Horses'.
Location: Peckham, South East London. 
Description: This three-bedroom apartment is located a stone's throw away from Elephant and Castle, which is fast becoming a hub for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It's also a good location for first-time buyers that work in the city, or alternatively, healthcare workers who are based in one of the three hospitals nearby.
Current Value: £500,000

4, Privet Drive
9) 4, Privet Drive 

Claim To Fame: It can be seen throughout the 'Harry Potter' franchise as The Dursleys’ family home. 
Location: Berkshire, Bracknell.
Description: This nicely proportioned property is the perfect size for a young family who would like to live the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it's only located 40 miles outside of London. While on the other, it's not too far from the British countryside and the local tech industries
Current Value: £475,000

Peep Show
10) Flat 5, Apollo House, London Road

Claim To Fame: It's the flat featured on the British sitcom, 'Peep Show', which is shared by both Mark and Jeremy.
Location: Croydon, London. 
Description: This spacious two-bedroom property is just like every other property located in Croydon. It's in Croydon. But never mind, it's still a solid investment and has strong transport links to the city, Gatwick Airport, and other places situated in Surrey.  
Current Value: £250,000

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