Stormy Daniels: Space Force - CoverThere once was a lovely lady called Stormy, who made the whole world feel very, very horny. But then, one night, to everyone’s, delight, she seduced the stars, just like dear old Sigourney. Want to know more? Then don’t be a bore and check out the following preview now in store. It was written by Michael Frizell and Andrew Shayde, illustrated by Pablo Martinena, and published by TidalWave Comics. Please enjoy.

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - 1

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - 2

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - 3

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - 4

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - Text

This spectacular series was created by Stormy Daniels (the adult film star) and Darren G. Davis (the founder of TidalWave Comics), and together, the two of them have hired several talented artists to draw a selection of variant covers for the very first issue, including Bill Walko and Agung Prabowo. They also have other plans for this series which they will announce shortly.

Stormy Daniels: Space Force - Selection

For any further information, please feel free to check out TidalWave Comics on their official WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter pages. Or better yet, why not pick up a copy of 'Stormy Daniels: Space Force' via ComixologyAmazon, or the Comic Flea Market

STORMY DANIELS: SPACE FORCE (PREVIEW) STORMY DANIELS: SPACE FORCE (PREVIEW) Reviewed by David Andrews on October 13, 2020 Rating: 5

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